When the dead start walking there’s nothing else you can do but try to play the game of survival. Oh, and The Walking Dead Survival Instinct.

When there is no more room in hell the dead shall walk the Earth. Whatever they were, gone. Loved ones, friends, strangers, now nothing but food on the buffet that is the human civilization. Enter Daryl Dixon. A hunter, a son, a brother. Now he must scour a new world to find the last shred of family he has left. Armed with only a hunting knife and rifle, he must battle an enemy that has no fear, no will to live, and no need for anything other than flesh.

This, is The Walking Dead Survival Instinct. Not to be confused with Telltale’s offering. The survival FPS from Terminal Reality was released last month to a less than stellar reception from critics but I feel otherwise. This game, while not what was expected, is great for what it is. When it comes to zombie games The Walking Dead Survival Instinct is one of my favorites.

I have very vivid memories of the Walking Dead Survival Instinct. I was sick, in the middle of a Sorry Brothermarathon of The Neighbors, and it was the middle of the night. Fast forward to 6 in the morning and I’m ready to play. The selling point of Survival Instinct is choice and replay-ability. Starting off the game during a completely normal hunting trip, you as Mr. Dixon are terrified to see walkers devouring one of your hunting buddies. Before you know what is happening you are swarmed by walkers and before you know it, you are done. But what is that? It’s Daryl and Uncle Jess coming to save the day. In typical Walking Dead fashion Daryl is turned to, to pull the trigger, only he can’t. Jess then says the words from Season Two, “Sorry Brother”.

I’ll admit it here, the Walking Dead Survival Instinct is not that hard a game. If you play it correctly you should have no problem. This isn’t Dark Souls thankfully, it’s more like Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler’s Green but better. Weapons range from a knife all the way to the iconic Crossbow. They all handle well, mêlée weapons have a light or weak attack and the firearms aim down the sights. Sure, the hammer can be successful but the real gem of this game is the fire axe.

If you like The Walking Dead then you most likely enjoy Game of Thrones. One of the things about Game of Thrones are the be-headings that happen when people are executed. Luckily, you can behead zombies and just go to town on them. At times you’ll want to just use a shotgun or pistol but believe me, there is nothing more fun than calling for a zombie’s head and seeing its head fall off like it’s a stick of butter. Beware, when there is a herd of zombies shuffling towards you, you must haul ass and get out of there because if even three zombies get their rotting hands on you things will get bad very quickly. In the hospital for example, a whole herd breaks out and starts chasing what they hope will be their latest meal. This instilled fear in me because I knew I would not be able to take out all these walkers by myself.

WDSurvival Instinct

The game-play works like it does on the TV show with hits to the head taking out the zombies. Sound attracts the walkers so it’s best to stick to a mêlée weapon like the fire axe or the crossbow. The crossbow being the best weapon downright in the entire game. But I will admit that the machete is a close third. The second being said fire axe.

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct will not push you to your limits but it will let you walk in the feet of Daryl “Boba Fett” Dixon and see how punishing this new world can be. It’s not the best game ever, but I already know that. What I do know is that this is a fun game that should be played by anyone  who likes The Walking Dead. I know that zombies are meant to be scary, but believe me, there is no better feeling than killing a horde of scattered zombies with only a knife and a simple crossbow.