Namco Bandai have today released a free-to-play, multi-platform, card battling game based in the Tekken universe.

Tekken Card Tournament features 8 renowned characters and over 300 collectible cards, with the roster increasing on a regular basis. Battles take place against A.I. or human controlled opponents in a familiar 1v1 setting, though instead of brawling in real-time, the action is turn-based. Players are allotted a few seconds to choose between drawing a card, attacking, or blocking, in something similar to an extended rock/paper/scissors game.

No subscription is required, and the in-game currency can be earned without purchases (though I presume, as is the current free-to-play trend, the fastest way to acquire them will be through spending real money). This can be used to buy booster packs or individual cards which are sold at the in-game marketplace.

Head over to the offical site to play Tekken Card Tournament in-browser, or download it from the iOS App store, Google Play, or Amazon App store.