“People of the Capital Wasteland it is I, Three Dog, your ruler! Hear me, and obey! Oh sorry, that’s that other radio station.”

Fallout is one of the best game series I’ve ever played. I’ve put in well over a hundred hours  in Fallout 3 and almost 80 in New Vegas. Now that it’s been 3 years since New Vegas and almost 5 years since Fallout 3, a new Fallout has to be on the horizon. While I’ll admit there are mods to easily tide people over, I really want Fallout 4. But after playing RPGs like Skyrim, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect there are things that I want from the next installment in the Fallout franchise. Here are those things.

The first of these five are the random encounters that were a staple of the first two Fallout games. Fallout New Vegas kind of had this with the wild wasteland perk where you’d find random things throughout the wasteland. With the fast travel system in Fallout 3 there was always a chance you’d run across some mercenaries  but that was pretty much it. There was no real sense of danger and that’s not the style of Fallout. In the first Fallout you never knew what you’d come across next. It could be a caravan, some raiders, or even a group of deadly radscorpions. The first Dragon Age proved that the old-school random encounter system could still work. There is no reason why it wouldn’t work for another Fallout.

Fallout Bums

Number two on this list is better DLC. Or, more specifically, expansions. I’m not saying I hated Fallout 3/New Vegas’ downloadable content, but there were some duds (Operation Anchorage, Dead Money) among them. At the same time, there were some great ones that invoked real emotion and felt like classic Fallout (Old World Blues). The subject matter, Easter eggs, and jokes felt like a true piece of Fallout lore. The Dead Money downloadable content though, not really. I’d happily take less DLC for one giant expansion pack. More importantly, more story-driven DLC. The world of Fallout is extremely intriguing and thought-provoking, and Bethesda could reach back in time and pull something out of that history. This brings me to my next subject on this list.

Old World Blues

Third on this list is more lore, or at least more interaction with the lore. In Fallout 3, there were the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave,  factions from the previous games. It would be interesting to see new factions and characters, but it wouldn’t be too bad to run into older characters along the way. In New Vegas there was a lot of information regarding the Old World, the Commonwealth, and more. In Fallout 3 there were mainly hints and teasers. Examples being “Ronto” in the Pitt, “The Philly” in the side quests, and Boston, commonly referred to as “The Commonwealth”. These are simply just a taste of what could be in the divergent Fallout timeline and I, along with many others, would like to see more in future installments. Hell, it could just be a random DLC where you explore more of Philadelphia. As long as it adds to the already great universe I will be a happy man.


Fourth on this list are the Great Vaults. These Great Vaults protected people from the radioactive holocaust that blanketed the Earth. The Vaults are great time capsules from 2077 and are perfect for telling contained stories, whether it’s a Vault with not enough men or simply one only with material by a bad stand-up comic. The election Vault from New Vegas is a prime example of what you can do with a Vault and how to tell compelling or funny stories. What I want to see is less dungeon crawling and more storytelling because like I said, they are great for telling stories from the time period they’re from. Plus, they are the only remnant of the Old World you can interact with.

Vault 106

Last on this list is a Fallout and Skyrim combination. Skyrim is arguably the best RPG to date and for obvious reasons. It has numerous elements that Fallout could desperately use. Sprinting, weapon proficiency, and more can make Fallout THE top RPG in the gaming world. The engine could be switched as well. The Gamebryo engine was last used with Fallout New Vegas and I’m pretty sure that’s the last big game to use it because it has shown its age and the Creation Engine that was used in Skyrim.


The one thing I want but I know will never happen is mods on the consoles. Other than Valve, no big companies have released content that is based on mods. Because of this I highly doubt that any mods will come to anything other than the PC. But still, I have high hopes that someday mods will no longer be something that is exclusive to the PC.

Fallout mod

There you have it. The five(ish) things I want to see in the next Fallout game, whether it’s Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas 2, or Brotherhood of Steel 2. The latter being highly unlikely. “Thanks for listening, children. This is Three-Dog OW! And you’re listening to Galaxy News Radio: bringing you the truth, no matter how bad it hurts. Now, some music.”