Going “Indie”, or independent, has been a trend for a while and Defiant Mouse, the people behind Lex Laser Saves The Galaxy, Again are as Indie as it gets. Have a look at their Kickstarter trailer:


Lex Laser is a 2D turn-based tactical RPG which was inspired by some notorious PC and tabletop classics like Dungeons and Dragons and Diablo as well as TV shows like Firefly or Babylon 5.

So who exactly is Lex Laser?

In Lex Laser Saves The Galaxy, Again, the player takes over the role of the combat module of Lex Laser, who himself is the Duke Nukem of indie games or as the Kickstarter puts it:

“Lex Laser is a legend.  S/he is Paul Bunyan, Annie Oakley, Johnny Appleseed, Pecos Bill, Calamity Jane, and Davy Crockett.”

Despite the fame the poor guy does not really want to be famous or save the galaxy. At this point the player jumps in and takes over for Lex direct him through the game world fighting something called zarbats while mining, looting and exploring your way through the game.

Let’s talk about combat: Lex Laser is turn based, meaning that strategy and smart planning will seal the deal instead of running and gunning. Furthermore there will be a lots of enemies and by a lot I mean A LOT (see picture below). Luckily they mostly just take one shot to kill, shifting the view towards not becoming overwhelmed and on higher difficulties towards choosing the right tool for the job to conserve ammunition. Lastly there will be some sort of reward- risk thing going on, forcing you to make trade- offs al thought there is no details available on this as of now.

Lex Laser 1In addition to supplying a generous amount of weapons you will be able to customize each of them with various parts between missions for example adding a multi shot barrel and explosive ammunition. Your armory also include yet to be revealed alien artifacts as well as sensors, the latter providing you with additional information based on the type of it. All of the weapons and equipment pieces can either be found or crafted with a single mouse click, after all you are Lex Laser. You can find more information on the weapons here.

Lex Laser 2


The game is designed with people without a lot of time in mind, setting up the story in independent sub- plots similar to TV shows, allowing you to jump back in after a month without leaving you confused about the story. One group of these people are parents, (which incidentally is the target market of the game) who are oftentimes restricted in when and especially what they play as they most likely have a second, younger pair of eyes next to them. Because of this the game chooses to leave out the gore but rather focuses on complicated moral situations which a child might not necessarily understand. To put it like this:

“This is not a game for kids.  But it is a game that can be played near them.”

So if you are interested in some old school 2d turn based strategy with emphasis on a good story or if you have kids and wish not to scar them for live by playing Dead Space with them have a look at Lex Laser Saves The Galaxy, Again over at Kickstarter and hand them some cash to improve the game even further.

For even more information on the game visit the Developers website: Deviant Mouse