Dark Wings, Dark Words. With Metro: Last Light coming out soon, I figured I would give you guys a recap of what happened in the Metro system and up above in the world that should be best left forgotten. So, without further adieu here is what you need to know about  Metro 2033.

Set in 2033, you are in the boots of a young man named Artyom. You live in the Metro systems of Moscow, Russia as the world above has been ravaged by nuclear destruction. As a result of the nuclear apocalypse, there are many factions, enemies, and creatures in the underground world. Due to the rarity of old world ammo, most ammo you can come across can be used as currency as well as ammunition.
The game starts off in a cold open style with you and a fellow ranger on the surface trying to make it to an objective before being attacked and seemingly killed by a large, bat-like, monster. Flashback to eight days prior where you and your adopted father meet up with a fellow ranger named Hunter. Hunter says that if he fails to return that he should meet up with Miller, another ranger who appears in the end/beginning of the game. Along the way you meet up with a ranger named Khan who almost immediately becomes your guide down in the Metro tunnels.

Metro Systems

After being captured by Communists, Artyom is saved by Andrew, a friend of Khan’s. This ultimately drags Artyom into the ongoing conflict between the Communist faction and the Nazi faction titled “The Fourth Reich” (Both of these factions appear in Metro Last Light). As you fight your way through Communist and Nazi soldiers, you meet up with two more rangers, Ulman and Pavel. Upon reaching Holes Station, Artyom meets up with a young boy whose uncle was killed by mutants and is tasked with literally carrying the boy on his shoulders and ultimately makes it back to the settlement, reaching safety.

When reaching Polis, Artyom presents a token (given to him by Hunter) to Miller and almost immediately Miller starts to brief Artyom on most of the conflicts within the Metro systems. You then meet up with the Polis Council and Miller tries to convince the council into agreeing to a mission that would put an end to arguably the most “dangerous” mutant race the “Dark Ones.”  To put an end to the Dark Ones Artyom must travel to the library where documents are located detailing the location of “D6,” a mainly-intact bomb facility. After Miller leaves Artyom to get the documents on his own, Artyom encounters an intelligent race dubbed the “librarians” beacuse they stay  in libraries almost as protectors. Somehow, Artyom makes it through the library and acquires the documents about D6 that was needed.

The Dark Ones

On the way to D6, Artyom suffers a strange vision including a ranger and a dark one. The dark one is seemingly proclaiming a message of peace. When reaching the reactor of D6, Miller and Artyom come across perhaps the strangest mutant creature in the entire game: the biomass. Like the Master in Fallout, the biomass is simply that, a large mass that has attached itself to the reactor. Agreeing to finish off the biomass later, Artyom and Miller leave the injured creature where it was. After this a small jump in time occurs and you return to the cold open that starts the game. You and Miller now fight your way to Ostankino Tower to eradicate the Dark Ones. Near the top Miller gets injured and Artyom must make his way up to the tower and take out the Dark One threat. Taking a break from the action, the last level of the game takes place in Artyom’s subconscious.


At the end, Artyom has a vision of Hunter who tosses him a revolver and repeats the ranger’s codex: If it’s hostile, you kill it. Immediately Artyom turns around and shoots the Dark One and as it falls to the floor, Artyom awakes. Making his way to the tower, Artyom destroys the base of the Dark Ones. All the while thinking of humanity’s role in the world and what the meaning was behind the Dark Ones’ visions.

And that is it for what you need to know about Metro 2033. Metro Last Light aims to expand on what was done in Metro 2033. It hits store shelves on May 14th.