Now that Disney has officially decided to cancel production on all LucasArts games and move to a licensing model for future releases we here at VGU.TV have decided to weigh in on which properties or projects we would like to see picked up by third party developers.

James Pungello 

Editor in Chief

Star Wars 1313

When the news broke that Disney was going to shut down the game development at LucasArts and that the properties would shift over to a licensing model my first thought was to Star Wars 1313. 1313 was a standout at E3 2012 and was hugely anticipated by many gamers. If just one project gets picked up by a third party, I’d want 1313 to be that project.

The game was highly anticipated by many because of just how gorgeous it looked but I think the game had a lot of promise beyond just the pretty graphics. The game was set on Courscant and would have players controlling a young Boba Fett during the events between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. This could allow players to delve into the world of one of Star Wars’ most iconic characters, while not having the protagonist be a lightsaber-wielding Jedi.

Star Wars 1313

Now don’t get me wrong, I love playing as a Jedi, but this game seemed like it could suck me in without the use of lightsabers and the force (at least not from me anyway). My favorite part of the Star Wars has always been wielding a lightsaber as a Jedi (or watching that) so for a game to be intriguing to me without that as a mechanic, it made the impression that much bigger.

Not many studios have shown the ability to craft a game that looks as good as what we saw last year from 1313 so it will be a bit of a hassle to find the right development company but I am confident that someone can step up to the plate and hit a home run for Star Wars fans.

Failing a return to possibility for 1313 I want my Knights of the Old Republic 3. I tried to get into The Old Republic but MMOs are not my thing and it just wasn’t KOTOR 3. That’s something else that I could totally get behind. As I’m sure others will mention, a solid Indiana Jones game would also be welcome in my household. Here’s hoping some good comes from third party licensing of LucasArt’s titles.

Nate Gamer

Executive Editor

Rogue Squadron

N64 fans and early Gamecube adopters will have fond memories of the Rogue Squadron series, which has been conspicuously absent from current-gen platforms. Originally developed by the also-defunct Factor 5, Rogue Squadron might be considered the spiritual successor to the earlier X-Wing games. Both games put players in control of various Star Wars ships and offer straightforward combat scenarios to overcome, but where X-Wing placed its emphasis on simulation, Rogue Squadron was all about the action. Fast-paced and frenetic, the Rogue Squadron games perfectly capture the energy and excitement of the Star Wars movies.

Rouge Squadron


Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader’s Death Star trench run is still the best example of Episode IV’s most memorable moment turned playable and it would be great to experience that again in high definition. Ideally, a new Rogue Squadron would offer cooperative and competitive online multiplayer, something that wasn’t as feasible in Rogue Squadron’s offline hayday. Missions in the Rogue Squadron games almost always have AI fighter pilots blasting TIE Fighters alongside the player, but having real people in those positions would bring strategy and communication to the forefront of combat and offer a more robust experience overall. My second choice would be to see Naughty Dog acquire the license to Indiana Jones so they could make an Uncharted crossover game. I imagine Indy and Nate would get along well.

Christopher Erb

Executive Editor


While it wouldn’t surprise me if Disney waited until Star Wars Episode VII is on its way to theaters, it would be remiss to ignore the potential of finally dropping a sequel or successor to the Star Wars: Battlefront series. If they wait for the new trilogy, that gives whoever picks up the license a new generation of ships, heroes, and settings to include, not unlike the blend of classic and new trilogy content in Battlefront II.

The flying sequences could use a bit of work, to be sure, and I could take or leave the iconic hero spawns as they felt rather unnecessary. Otherwise, there’s pretty solid fan demand for a new Battlefront and it’s about damn time. While they’re at it, perhaps a bit of negotiation could work some Old Republic content in there as well.

Allan Muir

Staff Writer

Indiana Jones

With Harrison Ford reaching 70 years old there are big odds he won’t be back for any future Indiana Jones films. As a result of this there is still a way Indy/Han can return to the series without putting in a mediocre title such as Indy 4. That way: Video Games. It was done in the 90s with Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and in 2003 with Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb. The latter being a prequel to Temple of Doom. But the point is, Harrison Ford never had any participation with these games or any video game in general.

Indiana Jones

But there are two different ways Indy can return to the world of entertainment without getting hurt, the first is through developer Naughty Dog. With the Uncharted series it’s pretty clear what was based on what. If given to Naughty Dog, I believe that they can make a pretty swell Indiana Jones game. This is perfect for the people who liked Emperor’s Tomb and 1999′s Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. Just imagine an HD Indiana Jones game on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720. Although it could just be an Uncharted clone with an Indy skin on it, I would be very happy.

The second way Indy can make a triumphant return is through a familiar developer. One who is currently on top of the video game world: Telltale. To give a little history lesson, Telltale was formed by former LucasArts employees who worked on LucasArts’ many adventure games. Fate of Atlantis included. So it would essentially be a return to familiar territory for Indy. After The Walking Dead: The Game Telltale can do no wrong. (Except for Jurassic Park) TellTale could do some amazing things if given a chance to work on an Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis-type game. Especially one with choices like The Walking Dead.


That’s what our staff thought about the question but what do you think? Let us know which projects or properties from LucasArts you would like to see picked up by a third party.