This weekend, if you happen to live in or around Framingham, Massachusetts or you’re an avid Twitch TV user, you can help support a great cause while also getting to play a whole bunch of retro and current-gen games.

Framingham’s local gaming retail store Game Underground is hosting a 26-hour gaming marathon to help raise funds for victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. The marathon began at 8 PM Eastern Time last night and runs until 10 PM Eastern tonight. Admission is $10 which gets you complete access to all of the store’s arcade games as well as television setups for games ranging from old school NES Super Mario Bros. and N64 gems like Pokemon Stadium to more modern titles like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, even NetherRealm’s latest DC brawler Injustice: Gods Among Us.

More than a handful of tournaments and speed runs (apparently someone can get 70 stars in Super Mario 64 in about an hour) of popular games are also planned and players are encouraged to bring their own systems, games, and controllers to help build up the buzz.

The entire event is being streamed live through Game Underground’s Twitch TV channel and all proceeds from the event will be donated to The One Fund charity. Gamers who want to help but who can’t attend the event in person are encouraged to spread the word and they can also donate to The One Fund directly through the charity’s website.

You can check out some images from the event’s first night below (sorry for the low-res quality, they were taken with my iPhone) and you can find more info about the event at Game Underground’s Facebook page.

Game Underground Marathon 4

Game Underground marathon 3

Game Underground marathon 2

Game Underground Marathon 1