It is that exciting time of year that every gamer and myself are looking forward to. We are less than 2 months away from the biggest gaming event of the year,  The Electronic Entertainment Expo, which is known by many as E3. Since the first event in 1995, gamers have focused their attention to this event, awaiting all the news for the following year in the gaming industry. The ‘Big 3′ (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) are expected to reveal their latest innovations and software every year, which every person awaits to hear.

This year’s event is already going to be one of the most exciting for gamers, even without the news surrounding E3 and the rumors circulating about the games and software that will be on show. The news that has caught most people’s eye is that Nintendo this year have withdrawn themselves from the Press Conference floor. This news will have created a mixed responses from the gaming community with this potentially being a recipe for disaster. Nintendo will have their motives for pulling themselves out of the conference, but this is a really bold strategy and if it fails could cost them very dearly.


E3 is by far the biggest gaming event with gamers and the press paying attention to all the latest innovations, hardware improvements and games being showcased from developers. This E3 will be the biggest in years with everyone looking forward to the Next Generation Consoles.

With the PlayStation 4 already being announced and Microsoft being ready to reveal their next generation console on May 21st, gamers are going to enjoy an exciting showcase of software and games for the upcoming year. The release of these consoles would have led me to believe that Nintendo would have tried to steal as much of the limelight as possible… However,  for them to completely drop out from the conference sounds like a suicidal idea as the Wii U should have demonstrated its potential to hold up against the upcoming next-gen consoles.

Nintendo this year have been firing the 3DS forward with recently announced blockbusters heading to the screen such as the The Legend of Zelda, a sequel to Link to the Past. With the upcoming release for both Nintendo consoles which includes software updates, why would Nintendo move completely out of the limelight? Nintendo is a household name, and many would have tuned in to see Miyamoto’s appearance at E3, as well as the announcement of a new Nintendo-brand game. One would expect Nintendo to go into the conference and show off the capabilities of the Wii U, which is more than capable as a next gen console on par with Sony and Microsoft.

No doubt that the entire theme of this conference is to be centered around the next generation consoles, but for Nintendo not to put themselves on the conference floor and compete with its two rivals could cost them dearly in the 2013/14 year.

The only strategy for the withdrawal from Nintendo in my opinion is for them to let Sony and Microsoft fight it out for the center of attention and present their new innovations at a different time. In this way, it allows them to keep the focus of the gaming community and not have any of it taken away by Sony or Microsoft. No doubt they will reveal all of Nintendo’s plans through the rest of the year at different events and conventions.

Whatever strategy Nintendo have, one can only hope it’s not going to ruin the company’s year in the gaming industry, as we are all too familiar with Nintendo ‘wowing’ us with the announcements at E3, e.g. new consoles or a Zelda/Mario game.. Nintendo not holding their conference this year is a bold move and for me and many others, a ridiculous one.


Nintendo will be missed on the conference floor and many will miss the face of Reggie and his announcement of all things Nintendo.