The New Xbox is about to be revealed, Join Joshua Mobley as he live blogs the entire event.

7:53 am: Waiting for the event to start

9:46 am: Only 14 minutes to go till the Xbox reveal

9:54 am: about 5 minutes left

10:00 am: show is beginning

10:01: this video looks like a red cross video

10:03: Don Matrik takes the stage

10:04: they just showed the blades, BRING BACK THE BLADES!

10:06: Don is talking about combining lots of living room systems into one, DVR / Cablebox?

10:07: system officially titled XboxOne

10:08: the hardware has been shown off along with the controller. Alon with a Kinect device.

10:09: Yusuf Mehdi takes the stage

10:10: Kinect featured in the interface, interface looks similar to the PS4 and Windows 8.

10:10: No longer wait on game updates.

10:11: XboxOne can watch Live TV through Comcast and instantly switch between games, music, and movies very fast.

10:12: new Kinect gestures for the interface.

10:13: Snap mode allows you to run multiple apps simultaneously.

10:14: Skype available on Xbox Live, group video calls on TV.

10:15: built in ESPN app with fantasy sports apps.

10:17: Xbox has it’s own built in TV guide.

10:19: Marc Whitten taking the stage now

10:20: 8 GIGs of RAM, WiFi and BluRay confirmed

10: 21: runs a Windows 8 Kernal along with an Xbox OS

10:22: Kinect 2.0 comes with every XboxOne, scans 2gigabits of data a second

10:24: controller has an integrated battery, probably rechargeable.

10:25: Smart Glass will allow other devices to control the interface.

10:26: Content available in the cloud including games, saves, and more

10:27: XboxOne has a DVR built in that allows you to download and save game footage.

10:28: EA Sports is about to show something

10:29: Madden, Fifa, UFC, NBA Live, all coming to XboxOne

10:29: EA Sports is revealing their new game engine.

10:31: promotional EA sports video playing.

10:35: Phil Spencer takes the stage

10:37: Forza 5 Being displayed, it’s pretty

10:38: Forza 5 is a launch title

10:40: Remedy announcing Quantum Break, not Alan Wake 2, combination of live action and gameplay

10:42:Nancy Tellem is taking the stage to talk about TV some more.

10:45: head of 343 is on the stage talking about Halo, probably a Halo TV show

10:46: Steven Spielburg is creating a Halo liveaction TV show

10:48: NFL partnering with Xbox TV

10:51: XboxOne will launch later this year

10:52: Call of Duty: Ghosts about to be shown, DLC will still be timed exclusives

10:55: Call of Duty Ghosts behind the scenes video, there is a dog

10:59: Call of Duty to be “emotionally driven”

11:01: video showing a comparasin  of CODMW3 and CODG

11:02: Call of Duty Ghosts Gameplay now playing