Fable Anniversary was just announced today via Major Nelsons blog. Fable Anniversary is an HD re-release of the original Fable game as well as the Lost Chapters expansion pack. Many people speculated that a new Fable game announcement would come next week at E3 due to the fact Lionhead Studios created a thread on their forum for a new Fable game.

The game will come packed with improvements to the visuals, save system, load times and more. A Teaser trailer also hit Youtube this morning that shows people tweeting at Lionhead for a remake of Fable 1, implying that it is a highly requested product. Then we see the antagonist of Fable 1, Jack of Blades, tell us he’s “back” and then we see a title.

While this is a cool announcement it might upset some Fable fans who were hoping for Fable 4, nonetheless the game is getting a makeover and improvements to the code. Sony has been releasing HD collections of their older titles for some time to much success. Maybe this is Microsoft testing the waters for their own line of HD re-releases for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One? Maybe we’ll hear some more about it at E3 next week.

Fable Anniversary will launch this fall for the Xbox 360.

Source(s): Joystiq (1)(2), Major Nelsons Blog

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