Titanfall will have its very own dedicated servers for every platform it appears on according to EA.


Titanfall gameplay

Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment’s new shooter coming to the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, will have its own dedicated servers that switch on and off depending on how many players are online. According to Craig Owens of EA, “We’re using Microsoft’s cloud compute initiative to run all our servers for it, so it’s all running on dedicated servers. We’ll spin up and spin down servers as necessary, and it’ll do all the AI hosting and physics calculations and all matchmaking and all of that good stuff. It’s all dedicated servers, all the time.”

Owens didn’t say much about the PC version of Titanfall but it’s implied that it will have its own dedicated servers. However PC players usually like to have their own hosted servers for clans and other things.

Titanfall is coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC this holiday.

Source(s): Joystiq