With Nintendo’s announcement of content from the next iteration of Super Smash Bros. being part of the Nintendo Direct tied in with E3, many Nintendo fans and Wii U owners are chomping at the bit over what this new game in the series could bring. Having been raised on Nintendo systems, and as a fan of the Smash Bros. series in general, I have some predictions and expectations as to what I, at least, hope to see from this new throwdown.

All of these ideas are speculative or merely wishful thinking. If you have some ideas of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments section.



Mike Jones (StarTropics): While limited to only North American and European release back in the day, StarTropics is easily a classic, and main star Mike Jones is due for some respect. My only concerns with his implementation aside from his game never releasing in Japan are the nature of his attacks. With reliance on a yoyo and baseball bats, it may be tough not to make him smack of Earthbound’s Ness.



Little Mac (Punch Out!): Already implemented previously as an assist trophy, there’s no reason not to throw Little Mac into the ring proper. Super Smash Bros. could use someone close-combat oriented that isn’t backed by special powers or capable of lobbing projectiles, anyway. I’m picturing a quick hitter meant for stringing together combos, with specials tied into dodging and countering and his iconic uppercut. Pink sweatsuit alternate costume, please.



Tatanga (Super Mario Land): The villain spread has already been pretty well covered when it comes to key Nintendo franchises, with Bowser, Ganondorf Dragmire, and (for a bit) Mewtwo occupying the Smash roster. Why not introduce a throwback with Mario’s first Game Boy nemesis? Princess Daisy has already been accepted into the Mario Bros. spinoff canon at large, so her abductor may as well have a go at it. Plus, that ship. That tiny, tiny ship.



Max (Mutant Mudds): Before clawing its way with much trepidation onto Steam, Mutant Mudds was a downloadable favorite for Nintendo’s handheld platforms. I’m sure Renegade Kid wouldn’t mind loaning Max out to get his smash on, though there is the chance of comparison to Super Mario Sunshine’s FLUDD pack given his choice of armament.



Boy and Blob (A Boy and His Blob): WayForward did a great job of updating this NES classic on the Wii, so why not bring the Boy and his Blob back for a go against some more iconic characters who had much less frustrating games? My own ineptitude at the original Trouble On Blobolonia aside, I think the jellybean transformation mechanic would make for a fun character, along the lines of the Pokemon Trainer but with more direct interaction on the Boy’s part.



Waluigi: You’ve already got the brothers Mario and alt-brother/cousin/whatever Wario in the mix. Waluigi is due, if solely so they can work his anthem from Mario Strikers Charged into another game.



Someone from Animal Crossing: The recently released 3DS installment of Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the new hotness amongst Nintendo’s handheld crowd. How better to capitalize further on the game’s momentum than by introducing someone from Animal Crossing to Super Smash Bros. in a playable capacity? The trick here, however, would be who to add. While the boy and girl you play as in Animal Crossing would be an easy match and replete with equipment based on the tools you use in-game, the customization level of their appearance has reached the point where some players might be left happy. Alternatively, staples like Tom Nook, Resetti, and even K.K. Slider might be options. In Nook’s case, he could pummel you with shop items and get assistance from his nephews, all the while shaking other characters down for Bells. Resetti could operate with an interesting movement mechanic, popping up in different places on platforms rather than running around for the most part, with a very limited ability to jump out of his iconic hole. And K.K.? Fight with the power of music, a la bards from many an RPG series, perhaps with crowd control abilities tied to certain songs. One way or another, this ought to happen.



Patricia Wagon (Mighty Switch Force!): Another WayForward game, which got a ton of attention on the 3DS, Mighty Switch Force and its main protagonist, Patricia Wagon, deserve some of that sweet Smash limelight. With her run and gun robot-smashing stylings peppered with a bit of potential stage-manipulating capability, Miss Wagon is well equipped to be the Mega Man equivalent Smash Bros. fans will never get, since Capcom can’t be buggered to put the Blue Bomber in any games of their own, nevermind crossovers.



Eggplant Wizard (Kid Icarus): This is solely a personal desire to relive Eggplant Wizard’s role in Captain N: The Game Master to some degree. That is all. Still, turning people into vegetables? Choice.



Marina Liteyears (Mischief Makers): As with pretty much any other title by Treasure, Mischief Makers was a true work of art, one of the few to grace the N64. What better way to pay homage to an oft-neglected stage in Nintendo’s history and the birthing ground of the Smash Bros. franchise than by bringing back Marina and her peculiar, grip-based platforming? Already established as a grappler, Marina’s play style would be a welcome addition to the Smash Bros. cast, especially in a world dominated mostly by projectile lobbers and other ranged attackers. Plus, the giant suit she pilots in some of the levels in Mischief Makers begs for a Final Smash treatment.



Midna (The Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess): We’ve already got two Links in Smash, as well as Zelda bridging the gap between Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time with her visual style, so why not add a sassy redhead into the mix? With a mix of “true” form Twili magic and wolf-back small form attacks, Midna would be a nice middle ground between both Links’ relatively heavy hitting and Zelda’s stick-and-move gameplay when it comes to Zelda characters. She’s also prettier than Zelda and has loads more personality than Hyrule’s royal line ever did.



Commander Video (BIT.TRIP series): Another indie series that got quite the foothold on the Wii, Gaijin Games’ BIT.TRIP franchise and its lead character, Commander Video have some potential on the Super Smash Bros. stage. His attack spread could use his inherent abilities and be heavily dash based due to his constant forward momentum in RUNNER, with things balanced out by his likelihood of falling off the stage (albeit with a sweet, floaty double jump recovery) at any given point.



Clu Clu Land:  The way pictures are uncovered in Clu Clu Land lends itself to an interesting and potentially variable stage layout. With combatants starting on the bottom edge of the map, jumping up between pegs could reveal the rupee-like edges of whatever image is hidden, which are also usable as platforms. Bouncy barriers would also be findable, offering both escape routes and hazards, should a character be fairly high on damage. Add the Unira and Bubbles bouncing around the stage during the rest of the mayhem, and you’ve got a frantic time on your hands.

Animal Crossing: Personally, I’m shocked elements of the Animal Crossing town setup have yet to see implementation in Super Smash Bros. Throw up a town stage, have neighbors walking around in front of one or more landmarks like the Museum or Nookington’s, and maybe even give a player the option to name the town quickly before the fight starts.


Urban Champion: If it was good enough for a 3D remake, clearly, everyone loves Urban Champion. Or at least Nintendo does. As one of the first head-to-head fighting games, the single street where Urban Champion takes place is begging for at least a simple Smash treatment.

Tomena Sanner: While it was a Konami gamequirky runner game Tomena Sanner was a cult hit of sorts on the Wii and deserves a little love. That, and Konami has proven friendly with the Smash Bros. franchise in the past, given Solid Snake’s presence in Brawl.  In keeping with the original game, a Tomena Sanner stage would have to be constantly in motion, with obstacles to dodge as the stage progresses. I’m thinking big aerial combat focus, items replacing some of the coins you collect in the original game.

The Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword: The Poké Floats stage from Super Smash Brothers Melee is long overdue for a successor. What better way to do so than a frenetic battle jumping from sky island to sky island and Loftwing to Loftwing? The background could have plenty of familiar flybys and Groose making an ass of himself, among other things.



Gamepad Functionality: The touch functions of the Wii U gamepad open a whole new world of interaction and/or trolling for an extra player. When not using the gamepad for one of the fighters, an extra player could harass the other four battlers by manipulating the environment on certain stages, controlling item drops, or otherwise mucking about with the goings-on. Some stages or mode could even be gamepad-only to some extent, in that they require a player to be using the touchscreen to build platforms or otherwise control progress.

Character Customization: The pallet swaps and, in some cases, accessories have been great thus far for making a character your own. However, with the potential for viable online play this time around, the new Smash Bros. would do well to enable a bit more customization to set oneself apart. Nothing overly fancy, really; a color wheel or wider selection of character colors in conjunction with an accessory or alternate outfit system (like Pikachu’s different hats) in place for every playable character would allow online players to create a version of their main that was truly unique.

Online Leaderboards: Also in conjunction with improved online over Brawl’s setup could be a leaderboard system. Worldwide comparison of kill counts, score lists for modes like the Smash Contest and target attacks, and so forth are all possible now that Nintendo has at least a passing idea now of how to do things on the internet.

Tripping/Prat Falling/Slipping: Get rid of it. Ugh.


So there you have it, my ideas as to what we may or that I at least hope we see in the next round of Smash Bros. Additionally, I hope we see it come out before the Wii U’s drought of games makes the system obsolete regardless, but that’s its own problem that this forthcoming Nintendo Direct may hopefully amend to some degree.

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