So far we know quite a bit about the PlayStation 4 menus, or the functionality. Well an interface demo video was leaked during E3 that shows how interface works, and how the console downloads content during gameplay.

The video is pretty cheesy, and shows a few friends messaging each other and telling the other to “go buy Killzone to help him out”. However all bad dialogue and writing aside it does a great job showing us the PlayStation 4 menus and functionality. The menu seems to have changed since the last time we saw it. Now it looks like a Facebook wall where we get to see our friend’s activities including what games they bought, videos and pictures they’ve uploaded, and trophies they’ve earned. You’ll be able to “like” these activities and much like the vita, choose what you want to be shared. The video also shows off that we can indeed chat across games, something gamers have been clamoring for the entire life cycle of the PlayStation 3. One of the features that is also shown off in the video is the ability to find other gamers videos and watch them instantly, along with the ability to stream games. Another feature that is displayed has to do the PlayStation mobile app. They show a character named “Sarah” purchase a game from her phone and have her PlayStation download it remotely so that it is available for her when she gets home.

Sony hasn’t clarified if this video is indeed real but it would be extremely hard to fake all of the content in this video.

The PlayStation 4 is set to be released this fall 2013 for $399.99.

Source(s): IGN