E3 2013 showed gamers a glimpse of the future of gaming with tons of information about the games we will be spending countless hours playing in the near future. With E3 all finished, we asked the VGU.TV staff what games stood out in their minds. Here is what they had to say.

James Pungello

Editor in Chief

E3 2013 was full of phenomenal games that made me truly excited for the next generation of gaming. These games ranged from exclusives on both ends to multiplatform titles and even some current generation goodness. Here are the three games that excited me the most at the show.

Batman: Arkham Origins

It seems strange that while everyone at E3 was looking out into the next generation of games, I was intently focused on a game that is coming to current generation consoles but it was just that cool. Batman: Arkham Origins is the third game in the Batman: Arkham series and will show a younger Dark Knight taking on some of his most iconic villains for the first time.

Arkham Origins

The idea of making an origin story about Batman’s maturation as he meets his super villains as opposed to seeing how he came to fight crime really sold me on the concept. It also helps that Warner Brothers Games Montreal (who have taken over for Rocksteady) seems to have absolutely nailed the feel of the previous games while adding some great additions to the gameplay like the new remote claw and the improved detective mode.

Quantum Break

Remedy has made some phenomenal games in the past and the studio’s newest title Quantum Break looks like it might be another solid entry into that library. Quantum Break tells the story of a failed time travel experiment that is breaking down the fabric of time itself and it is up to the main characters to help fix this problem.

The game runs parallel to a television show that is affected by the choices that a player makes, essentially giving each player their own “director’s cut” of the television show. This interactivity between the live action show and the gameplay will allow gamers to see multiple angles of many events and could be a great storytelling device. Quantum Break is hands down my favorite exclusive coming to the Xbox One and definitely one to watch.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

This pick might not be one that many people would agree with but Square Enix’s supernatural murder mystery actually looks like it could be a really intriguing game. Players will step into the shoes of Ronan O’Conner, a detective who is murdered in the beginning of the game. As a ghost, Ronan will need to solve his own murder.


Making the main character a ghost allows the developers to focus on non-traditional gameplay elements like possessing bodies to glean information and piecing together evidence into solid conclusions. Traditional gameplay elements, like combat with demons, are peppered into the game but the story and the non-traditional approach is what fascinates me the most about Murdered: Soul Suspect.

There were tons of other games that I enjoyed learning more about from the racing thrills of Need for Speed: Rivals to the super powered mayhem of inFamous: Second Son but I will let those three suffice. E3 2013 was a great show and we have a lot to look forward to in the coming months as gamers.

Thomas Freeman

Executive Editor

It’s not often that a video game announcement makes me giddy, less so when all that has been revealed is a half a minute computer generated trailer but here I am thinking nonstop about the game’s potential, for me it’s like an itch that is so close to being scratched.

Yes I cheered as the logo, marred by poor streaming quality, faded in as I was watching EA’s conference. Star Wars Battlefront, a name which for me is synonymous with childhood fun and, what had been for that generation, epic battles. Nostalgia! I hear you shout; well it is certainly a contributing factor but with my PlayStation 2 still hooked up to my TV and a memory card holding a currently active galactic conquest campaign as I crush the rebel scum, it certainly holds up.


It’s not purely the fact they are bringing back one of my favorite game franchises, it is more to do with the developer that will be behind this shooter. DICE is known best for the Battlefield games and to those familiar with the Battlefront games, the similarities between the two franchises make this is the perfect developer for this.

Even as a cynical Battlefield re-skin, it would be more than I could have hoped for considering we wouldn’t have gotten it at all had Disney not bought LucasArts. Battlefront 3 had been in development before, however it got canned at the last minute much to my dismay. I had previously stated that the future looked bleak for the franchise but there we go, EA may not be a popular company but it at least knows how to get consumer’s money.

Another game that stood out was inFamous: Second Son. I personally disliked inFamous 2, however after watching the gameplay footage I am now a believer. Not only does the game look phenomenal but it also fills me with hope for the next generation of gaming. A game that is an open world and looks that good says a lot about how stunning a single player experience will be.

Nate Gamer

Executive Editor

Being a huge Nintendo fan, I almost feel obligated to pick Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS as my favorite game of the show. In truth, it looks fantastic, and I know that I’ll be in line for both versions for their respective midnight launches. The addition of Megaman to the roster makes me mega-psyched to get my hands this game when it eventually comes out.


But I would be remiss to deny the greatness of some of the games I saw outside of Nintendo’s booth. Assassin’s Creed IV probably drew me in more than any other game at E3, which is odd since I’ve never been very excited for any of the franchise’s previous entries. Maybe that’s because this newest iteration will be to pirate games what Red Dead Redemption was to cowboy games. The map is truly enormous and promises dozens of hours of swashbuckling goodness, and the classic Assasin’s Creed gameplay is being supplemented with a robust pirate management system. In the demo I saw, the developers noted that players will need to recruit new crew members to replace those that are lost in ship-to-ship combat, or even those that simply go overboard as the ship sails through choppy waters.

As a third pick, I have to give a shout out to Titanfall. The gameplay reminds me a lot of Tribes thanks to a fast pace and a heavy emphasis on getting around the map in interesting ways. Plus, any game that allows me to eject a hundred feet into the air from a giant mech is okay in my book.


Those are our picks for the best games of the show but what do you think? Which games excited you at this year’s E3? Let us know in the comments below.