The Dragon Age: Inquisition dev team appears to be happy about the next-generation of consoles, more importantly the computing tech behind it as it “enables so many things.”

In an interview with CVG, Aaryn Flynn of BioWare said that the new tech of this generation allowed the Dragon Age team to make “a radical leap in character fidelity,” compared to the previous Dragon Age games.

“Our goals is to get right past the uncanny valley and right to characters who you love and interact with,” Flynn continued, “Morrigan for example has moved radically forward in terms of that kind of stuff.

“The computing power behind the new consoles just enables so many things. And then you get in to the peripherals that they have and it’s almost too much – you’ve got to really pick and choose what you can do cool stuff with. It’s nice. I was telling some people that it feels like they’re It feels nice to have all of that head room again on consoles.

“A lot of our jobs the past few years have been to get really good at squeezing out incremental performance out of the consoles.”

Flynn also said that the Dragon Age team is looking to “fill up all of that space with really cool things,” he also admitted that no one on the dev team expected the characters to look as good as they do when the project first began.

When it came to the power of the cloud Flynn said the following: “We don’t have any comment yet for what we’re going to do with that, but it certainly does open up opportunities for sure,” Flynn continued. “RPGs are great because there’s no shortage of data or things to use more computing power for, right?

“If we can be smart with that and find ways, then we’ll throw it over to the cloud for sure.”

Dragon Age: Inquisition is expected for a Fall 2014 release on the current-gen, and next-gen consoles along with the PC.

Source: VG247