David Dreger, who went by the Xbox Live gamertag Knuckles Dawson and was reported missing in the Vancouver area several weeks ago, has been reported as deceased by his family. Dreger was 28 years old.

Around the time of the Xbox 360′s launch and the introduction of Achievements to Xbox Live, Knuckles Dawson made a name for himself by setting out to gain at least one achievement every day. Following the interest around this mission and several interviews, Dreger would eventually go on to write for Joystiq’s Xbox 360 Fanboy division. David was also an active member of the Rooster Teeth fan community and a regular contributor to Achievement Hunter.

David Dreger’s body was found near Vancouver’s Ambleside Park on June 20, 2013. No cause of death has been released. David was 28 years old.

As a recovering Gamerscore whore myself, the daunting nature of David Dreger’s daily quest makes him a peculiar sort of hero. While achievements are a dime a dozen today, the limited amount of available achievements and their typically harder-to-acquire nature back in the early days of the Xbox 360 required a great deal of dedication on Knuckles Dawson’s part. Records of his Gamerscore are not visible to the public, but his lofty goal remains a testament to the draw of the account-tied reward system pioneered by Microsoft.

Source: Major Nelson