What has been the one thing lacking in recent horror games? Well, according to Lunar Software, it’s the moon. Being thrown into the skin of an unnamed protagonist inside a goofy looking space suit, Routine is staged in an abandoned moon station. Only equipped with the “CAT” (“Cosmonaut Assistance Tool”), which is essentially a weapon with a floppy drive, your have to search for information on what happened to the crew. But here is the catch: You only get one try.

Yep the game features a perma-death system meaning that once you die, you get to start over and have to redo any progress you made. Still sound too easy? The guys at Lunar Software thought so too and threw in a procedurally generated environment, so you get to enjoy the horrors of the moon like it’s the first time all over again. It also has multiple endings that are based on your actions within the final play-through.

But wait! There’s more!


The above video displays the first snippet of gameplay so far and shows some of the above mentioned features, but it also gives a really great insight into the atmosphere of the game,  showcasing the Unreal tech and the insane texture quality within the game. It also gives away a tiny bit of the dangers which you will encounter on your journey.

But there is one more thing in the trailer you might not have spotted:


Thanks to PC Gamer for spotting this

Now, go back and watch the gameplay with the robots….and the silence…..and the monster. It’s going to be a VR nightmare!





With all this to consider, it needn’t be said that I’m really looking forward to this game already. I want to walk through the abandoned lunar base, chased by unknown dangers with the breath of agonizing death on my neck at all times. The atmosphere already looks perfect and well polished and when combined with the perma-death and random generation system, I can say hands down: Routine is game of the year material.

The game is set to release sometime in 2013. So stay tuned for more information here on VGU.tv.

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