Microsoft has brought on Elan Lee of 42 Studios, the creators of the i love bees ARG conducted in conjunction with the launch of Halo 2.

Lee, who served as the vice president of 42 Entertainment, previously worked with Microsoft as Lead Designer for the original Xbox console. Following the console’s release, Elan Lee left Microsoft and formed 4orty 2wo Entertainment along with Bob Fagan, Jordan Weisman, and Sean Stewart. The Pasadena-based company went on to tackle several projects, primarily for Microsoft and the film industry, and still works on interactive media today. In 2007, Lee left 42 to help form Fourth Wall Studios, another ARG and interactive media house that focuses on independent projects rather than marketing-related endeavors.

In 2004, as a lead-up to Bungie‘s sequel to the original Halo, 42 Studios orchestrated the i love bees ARG which serves as something of a prequel to the game. Centered around the corruption of the website of a fictional Napa Valley apiaryi love bees utilized the web, email, and even timed telephone calls at given GPS coordinates to tell a tale of splintered AIs and chronological inconsistencies following the crash of a UNSC ship. While only tangentially tied into Halo 2 and originally debatable in its status as canon, the events of i love bees have since been acknowledged by other media covering the extended Halo universe.

Elan Lee will serve under Nancy Tellem in Microsoft’s Xbox Entertainment Studios division, presumably aiding in the creation of original video content for the Xbox One platform. Tellem has run Xbox Entertainment since September of 2012 after leaving her position as a CBS, Inc. executive. Lee’s history with the Halo franchise points to possible involvement with the Halo TV series announced at the Xbox One’s launch, but his wealth of experience in interactive media tied to other properties allows for a wealth of possible contributions.

Source: Deadline Hollywood