Tokyo Jungle was a surprise breakaway hit that made it to the North American market after a fair amount of imports from its non-Japanese cult following. Now, a spinoff is on the way for PlayStation Vita and select Android devices that distills the survival-of-the-fittest action of the original into a grid-based strategy RPG.

Slated for simultaneous release in Japan and the United States, Tokyo Jungle Mobile brings back many of the familiar critters from the first game and throws them into a top-down, isometric game that appears to be more focused on tactical maneuvering than keeping on the move and slaughtering all who challenge your right to pee on everything and seduce the finest mates. The shift in pace is more well adapted to handheld touch screens, to be sure, but fans of the original who have a Vita may be better served playing Tokyo Jungle the first via Remote Play. Story mode has also been abandoned, so newcomers will have little recourse when it comes to finding out what the hell is going on. Survival Mode, the original’s primary draw, will be hogging the spotlight once again.

Tokyo Jungle Mobile releases on July 10, 2013 for $2.99 in the United States and 300 yen in Japan. The game will be available via the PlayStation Mobile store at that price for a week, then will be doubling in price, so adopt early to save a few dollars. There is no word on whether there will be downloadable content featuring new animal outfits or playable creatures as was the case with the PS3 version of Tokyo Jungle.

Source: Destructoid