The 7th generation of video game consoles brought us a ton of great games and experiences, continuing on with old franchises and installing new IP into the video game world. The 8th generation is right around the corner with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both coming out in November.

In anticipation of these new gaming consoles we here at VGU have decided to weigh in on which next-gen games we are most looking forward to. From Xbox One and PlayStation 4 exclusives to multiplatform titles, there is a ton of content coming our way in the next few months and we can’t wait to dive in. Here is what the staff had to say about their most anticipated titles.

James Pungello

Editor in Chief

Quantum Break

It is hard not to like Remedy. The company has created some awesome game franchises like Max Payne and Alan Wake and the team’s next title, Quantum Break, looks to be the start of another engaging franchise. The Xbox One has had a hard time with the PR battle but Quantum Break has been one solid exclusive that Microsoft can tout. Quantum Break blurs the line between video games and television, interweaving a live action television show with the story of the game.

Quantum Break

Both the show and the game will be influenced by the player’s choices throughout the course of the game and will be tailored to the individual’s play style. The story of the game itself takes players into a world where time travel has been achieved but the side effect of this experiment has caused a breakdown in the space-time continuum.

Players will get to control several different character throughout the course of the story, including the main villain of the game. This allows the player to see multiple angles of every scenario and see the larger picture that is being painted as the game goes on. The story itself is interesting and the graphics look phenomenal. The next generation will be full of phenomenal experiences but Quantum Break is the one that I am most looking forward to getting my hands on right now.

Allan Muir

Senior Staff Writer

Dead Rising 3

With the arrival of next-gen consoles looming there are many games that are being hotly anticipated by the masses. But I have one game that I am looking forward to on November 22nd of this year when the Xbox One launches. That game, is Dead Rising 3.

When I acquired my first (out of many) Xbox 360, I asked for one game and one game only, Dead Rising. The game that is so much like Dawn of the Dead they had to put a disclaimer on the box saying there is no connection. The game casts you as photo-journalist Frank West who has “covered wars you know” as you try to discover what has happened in the Colorado town of Williamette. Unlike previous zombie games that take themselves seriously, Dead Rising doesn’t. You can use anything that isn’t bolted down to fight the hordes of the undead and can wear whatever you want to. Want to look like MegaMan? You can! Want to dress like a southern belle? You can!

Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising was followed up with a sequel in 2010 and at E3 2013, Dead Rising 3 was announced by Capcom as an exclusive to the Xbox One. The game takes place a decade after Dead Rising 2 and you are in the shoes of mechanic Nick Ramos as he simply tries to survive the outbreak and escape before the military launches a strike that will destroy both the city of Los Perdidos and those who inhabit the area; zombie and non-zombie alike. The game is boasting no load-times, more zombies on-screen than ever before, and a bigger sandbox than both Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 combined. Gone is the 72-hour time limit, gone are the specific save spots, and in is the Kinect and Xbox Smartglass integration. The former will be used to further enhance the survival instinct as any noises the Kinect picks up will be heard by the zombies thus bringing them to you. The latter is much more exciting; using Smartglass gives you the ability to call in air strikes, drone-support, and area flares to get zombies away from you or to you and go out in a blaze of glory. The game will contain a nightmare mode for those of you who liked the time-limit and specific save areas. Once the 22nd rolls around myself and presumably others will be less-productive due to Dead Rising 3.

Adnan Riaz

Staff Writer

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Coming to the end of the current generation cycle, 2013 has given us an incredible collection of titles (e.g. The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V). Games will continue to release for the current gen consoles but most people are turning their attention towards the next-generation consoles. The title that I am looking forward to the most is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of this title and the expectation is high for the fifth installment.  Metal Gear Solid is one of the most decorated franchises within gaming and it will certainly carry its legacy onto the next-generation consoles.

Game developer Hideo Kojima has given people some spectacular moments from the Metal Gear franchise. From the stunning exploration of the jungle in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater to the final chapter of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot; it continues to push the boundaries and offer people an incredible experience. The Phantom Pain looks like it will replicate the success of previous installments and continue to improve. Ever since the early teaser trailer of The Phantom Pain, I’ve been excited to see how the next chapter in Big Boss’s timeline will unfold.   The game is shaping up to offer a thrilling narrative which will have several twists and turns waiting for fans.

Metal Gear Solid V

Kojima and his team have been at work on the newly developed Fox Engine. Metal Gear Solid 4 released back in 2008 was incredibly visual and it had an excellent game mechanic. The Fox Engine from the E3 trailer showcased how stunning The Phantom Pain is expected to be. The gameplay looks even more refined and there is also the introduction of new mechanics as well. Furthermore, this will be the first time that Metal Gear will go open world. Kojima always intended for his franchise to be set in an open world experience which will offer players the chance to free roam within the universe. I’m hoping that Metal Gear Online reappears in the new game and the developers continue to improve on it. In MGS4 it was a nice addition but I can see them developing on it even further.  I expect the co-op feature from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will return and it would suit perfectly for an open world game.

The soundtrack from the game is something which is straight from a Hollywood score. Donna Burke is once again involved within the title and her song, Sins of the Farther went perfectly with the trailer for The Phantom Pain at E3. Harry Gregson-Williams produced a phenomenal score for the franchise and a lot of the credit should be given to the soundtrack. I am also looking forward to the potential that Kiefer Sutherland and Troy Baker (Big Boss & Revolver Ocelot) will bring to the franchise after they replaced David Hayter and Patric Zimmerman.

Matt Mobley


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Anyone who’s heard me on a podcast knows I’m a huge fan of Metal Gear Solid, second only to Grand Theft Auto. I’ve just completed all of the main games in the series, and I’m hungry for more. Ever since I saw that long video for Ground Zeroes, I’ve anxiously awaited the next installment, and my anticipation grows with every video for The Phantom Pain. I’m excited to see Big Boss (even though I’m disappointed it’s not David Hayter), Kaz Miller, and of course, Ocelot once more. I’m interested to see this gap in the timeline, and hopefully discover the exact moment where Big Boss went from legendary hero to series antagonist. As of yet, there’s no planned release date for the game, so I have no idea when I could get my hands on it, but no matter how long Hideo Kojima keeps me waiting, I’ll still be ready when it’s here.

Josh Miller

Staff Writer

Final Fantasy XV

The Final Fantasy series as a whole has been one of my favorite franchises in all of gaming. While it has fallen from the greatness it once held, I would be lying if I said that Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 were games I hated. They both looked stunning, the battle system was quick and engaging, and XIII-2 made improvements on the previous game.

When Final Fantasy XIII was originally announced, it was also followed with another game in the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe called Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Although the universe itself hasn’t done much for me, it’s still a Final Fantasy game and my nostalgia speaks volumes when that series is uttered. The trailers hyped enough of the game for me with it’s beauty and quick moments of character interaction. Plus, dragons. It also appears that the gameplay could be altered to a more action-based system which, depending on how it turns out, might find an audience appreciative of a refreshing take on the franchise.

Final Fantasy XV


Perhaps I’m a fool for such high expectations of this series considering the faults associated with it. There’s a good chance it’ll involve some sort of worldwide crisis that only the main character can solve. The main character, and those supporting characters, may be overly dramatic and spout dialogue that is both cliche, convoluted, and downright confusing all at the same time.

But the series has me hook, line, and sinker. At the very least, I know I will be treated to a gorgeous cinematic experience that not only I will enjoy, but my wife as well.


That’s what the VGU staff had to say but what do you think? Let us know your most anticipated next-gen titles in the comments below.