There is no shortage of amazing missions in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. From stealing tanks to robbing banks, GTA has had you commit a lot of crimes in a lot of crazy ways. These are our favorites.

5. Two Bit Hit – Vice City

"Now recently a Haitian gang lord died. Apparently the Cubans did it, nobody's certain. Well, let's make them certain!" - Avery Carrington

“Now recently a Haitian gang lord died. Apparently the Cubans did it, nobody’s certain. Well, let’s make them certain!”
- Avery Carrington

After the death of the local Haitian gang lord, Avery Carrington wanted to take advantage of the situation by starting a full on gang war between the Cubans and the Haitians. After all, there is no better way to defeat your enemies than by turning them against each other. Normally, I’d avoid this but when Burt Reynolds asks you to do something, you better freakin’ do it. But this isn’t your typical run and gun mission where you blast away everything in your radius. You have to eliminate the new Haitian Gang Lord while disguised as a Cuban to start said gang war. Despite being a relatively short mission it has everything you want. Gunfights, exploding coffins, and once you take out the new lord, you get an M4 Assault Rifle!


4. The Exchange – Grand Theft Auto III

"You have been a busy boy! But you haven't learned, I'm not to be trusted." - Catalina

“You have been a busy boy! But you haven’t learned, I’m not to be trusted.” – Catalina

The final mission in Grand Theft Auto III sees you finally pitted against the woman who betrayed you at the beginning, your ex-girlfriend Catalina. After kidnapping your friend Maria, you (as Claude) must go to exchange a random for her safe return. Of course, Catalina proves once again that she is not to be trusted, and runs off with the money and Maria. At this point, it’s up to you to put an end to her and her horrible accent once and for all. After escaping her goons and chasing her helicopter all the way to the Cochrane Dam,¬†she drops Maria off. This proves that she’s as stupid as she is selfish, because now there’s no one you care about left in the chopper. After blowing it up, you can finally let out a sigh of satisfaction as the credits start rolling.


3. For The Man Who Has Everything – The Ballad Of Gay Tony

"People will write a Bible about this is the future!" - Yusuf Amir

“People will write a Bible about this is the future!” – Yusuf Amir

GTA has seen some weird and silly stuff in the past, but for the most part, GTA IV took the series in a more serious and mature direction, as far as story goes. That started to change when The Ballad of Gay Tony was released, and a touch of the old craziness came back thanks to Yusuf Amir. After he has Luis steal a Buzzard, destroy a yacht, parachute off Rotterdam Tower, and steal an APC, Yusuf asks him to do one last thing: Hijack a subway train car. As Luis, you have to jump onto a moving train and make your way to the front car, avoiding police and low flying helicopters trying to kill you the entire time. As you unhook the car and Yusuf flies you away, you can’t help but smile at how awesome that was.


2. Black Project – San Andreas

"Take him out! That's a $60,000,000 Project!" - Area 69 MP

“Take him out! That’s a $60,000,000 Project!”
- Area 69 MP

Let’s get real for a moment, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the Castlevania II of the series. Not saying anything bad about the game but it was incredibly open and the urge to simply explore the sandbox was extremely powerful. So, you are working with hippie/ conspiracy-theorist The Truth to help him expose some government secrets and steal a heavily classified project. This was perhaps the best mission in the game as you were essentially the Punisher mixed with Cassus Fett. By that I mean you break into the Area 69 bunker complex and go right into the core of the base and steal possibly the best piece of technology in the GTA-Verse: the Jetpack. Yes kids, a jetpack. Like most GTA games there were many ways to get into the base. Stealth, Rambo, or a mixture of both (cheating don’t count brother) got you either into or around the view of the spotlights at the base taking out or sneaking past the large amount of MPs stationed at the base. Inside the base you could find homages to other games and developers such as Half-Life and the developers behind the Postal series, and even ends with a nod to food company General Mills.


1. The Impossible Trinity – Grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes From Liberty City

"Gorgeous, huh? Like condensed money!" - Isaac Roth

“Gorgeous, huh? Like condensed money!” – Isaac Roth

The Trinity was one of the most interesting parts of Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes From Liberty City. Though Niko, Johnny, and Luis were all very different people living in a huge city, they still managed to cross paths every so often. The Trinity, made up of Museum Piece (GTA IV), Collector’s Item (TLaD), and Not So Fast (TBoGT) marked the one and only time that all three protagonists were in the same place at the same time. After all three characters ran into issues with a bag filled with diamonds, a meeting with the Jewish Mob is set up. Ray Boccino sends Niko and Johnny to do the exchange, but Gay Tony catches wind of the deal, and sends Luis to ambush it. This is where the mission splits and we can see it through three different perspectives. Luis tracks down the diamonds and steals them, then heads for the roof, where he’s parked Yusuf’s golden chopper. Johnny takes off with the briefcase full of cash, escaping out of the north entrance. Niko mows down all the mobsters and police and gets out the south door, ultimately coming out of the deal with nothing. It was an interesting and interweaving narrative, and probably helped set the stage for the brilliant idea to have three protagonists in the sequel.


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