Let’s be honest here for a sec; most indie games are mediocre at best and will most likely stay that way. Off course there is the gems, but unless it is Minecraft or goes big on steam/ XBLA/ the Playstore, chances are, that you will never hear about it. That is where Indie Watch comes in: I go out and find the best indie titles around and present them to you in this mini series of articles. Todays game is Contagion.

Anyone notice the recent mass of zombie games coming out? Like State of Decay, DayZ, WarZ/ Survivor stories, Dead Island, etc. etc.? No? In that case have you been living under a rock too? But all jokes aside, the zombie survival genre, be it solo or multiplayer has experienced a second coming, with even more titles like Dead Rising 3 for example inbound in the next couple of months. Contagion jumps onto the bandwagon, being developed by the studio behind the devilish good Half-Life 2 modification Zombie Panic: Source (ZPS): Monochrome Games.

As far as the game goes, the devs call it the “spiritual successor of ZPS, building on the same basic principle of a mixture of objective and sandbox gameplay of which you can get a semi- good look at in the trailer below:

As you can see in the trailer, there is a big emphasis on sound, the game actually putting a cellphone in your hands to track other players and zombies in your immediate surroundings. The game seems to aim for a less walked route of zombie shooter overall, narrowing the amount of players to just 8 in multiplayer, although maintaining the loot mechanics known from DayZ. On the technical side, the game presents itself in some of the finest Source engine graphics seen until today, featuring sharp textures, quality models and fluid animations.

Overall the game looks very polished and seems to be largely bug free. You can get your hands on it sometime this month after the end of their Kickstarter campaign (link below) via Steam early access.

As always, well keep you updated here on VGU.TV.

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