The 7th generation of gaming consoles has given us some phenomenal games and experiences, pushing gaming further and further into the mainstream and allowing for some great gameplay, graphics, storytelling, and more. But as with anything; anticipation and hype can lead to letdown. We asked the VGU staff what games they were personally disappointed with from this generation and here is what they had to say.

Allan Muir

Senior Staff Writer

I am the ultimate badass! State-of-the-badass-art. You do NOT wanna f*** with me.

―Pvt. Hudson

These words-spoken by Pvt. William Hudson in James Cameron’s 1986 film-gave us the first look at the Marines that have become iconic in pop-culture. In 2006 SEGA had announced that Brothers in Arms developer Gearbox Software would be making a game set in the Aliens universe. As time went on information on the Aliens game was scarce. The same was said about the cancelled Aliens RPG which was in development by Obsidian Entertainment. It got to the point where the Aliens shooter titled, Aliens: Colonial Marines got lumped into the list of games we may never see, joining Duke Nukem Forever and Half-Life 3. However, in the span of three years Rebellion had put out its Aliens versus Predator game and Gearbox had released Borderlands and shocked everyone by bringing Duke Nukem back after nearly a decade of people expecting Duke Nukem Forever to be Duke Nukem Never. AvP was a flop, Duke Nukem Forever was panned, and Borderlands received nearly universal love. Soon after, a sequel to Borderlands was put into development.

disappointing game

But still no Aliens: Colonial Marines from Gearbox, even though it had been 3-5 years since the games’ announcement. However, at E3 2012 Gearbox showed off the game and it looked like it was going to be the epic sequel to Aliens that people wanted instead of Alien 3. Since the game was now in canon of the Aliens universe there was even more anticipation, especially after Gearbox had said “the game will make you look at Alien 3 differently.” The demo shown looked marvelous and absolutely accurate and to detail as you could possibly get without having to get a real AAA studio to make the game. The game ended up getting pushed into 2013 instead of its Q4 2012 release.

On February 12th, Aliens: Colonial Marines launched and it was the worst birthday present ever. I had gotten so into the fever that I purchased the game on PC even though I had an Xbox 360 version pre-ordered. On the 12th, reviews came pouring in from nearly every site and nearly every single one gave it a bad grade (VGU giving it an F). I thought that it was total nonsense and played the game, oh boy was I wrong. Despite being an action-movie, Aliens was still a horror movie as well and treated the Aliens like the boogeyman. The video game however, went in a completely different direction having the Aliens being gun-fodder and trying to be a Call of Duty when in fact it was nearly the same plot as the AvP game three years prior. The truth is, we got a completely different game from Gearbox than the one we were shown at E3. I’m saying this both figuratively and literally as the gameplay shown at E3 and the final product were two completely different games.  E3 showed us a FPS that was going to be the true sequel to Aliens, and Aliens: Colonial Marines wasn’t that at all. It was after this that a firestorm started and everyone started blaming each other for the game’s quality. It was rumored that mostly, it was Timegate Studios working on the game with Gearbox doing whatever it had time for in between Borderlands DLC, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands 2 DLC. Timegate Studios being the developer behind the Section: 8 series . Ultimately, Timegate shut down as a result, Randy Pitchford went from a fan favorite to most hated by fans, and Aliens: Colonial Marines took its place in history as the biggest letdown/disappointment of the console generation.

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