The Battlefield game series is synonymous with destruction and ability to edit your environment more than any other FPS on the market. Dice’s brainchild that has put us in World War II, modern combat, and even had us hunting for gold will get its next installment in under a month now. Battlefield 4 is almost upon us and it’s shaping up to be quite the contender for best FPS of the year, with a storyline that keeps us on the edges of our seats and a multiplayer so realistic that people spend thousands of dollars building a whole section of their houses just to experience the fullness of it. So sit down, grab a juice box, and get ready, because VGU is about to take you through everything you need to know before picking up Battlefield 4 later this month.

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To start off our preview, we will go into the storyline, or at least what we know so far about it. In the storyline of Battlefield 4, you assume the position of Sergeant Daniel Recker, a member of the elite group “Tombstone.”  While collecting intelligence from a defecting Russian General, you’re discovered and must escape. Once you’re clear, your suspicions are confirmed: The Chinese are planning a coup, and the Russians plan to be by their side. You are sent to rescue a group of VIPs in China, which is now in an uproar under the pretenses that the US assassinated the voice of peace and future leader, Jin Jié. Russian and US naval forces are poised outside of China now waiting for someone to strike first. Tombstone manages to find the VIPs in Shanghai, including a CIA field operative. Among them is also a man that the Chinese government has been frantically searching for. Together you fight your way out of Sanghai and start to travel to Singapore. Upon reaching Singapore, you are shocked to find a scene of fire and mayhem. Your flagship is sunk, and its fleet is eradicated.

That is all we know for certain about the storyline.

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Next, we hit all the new and improved feature of Battlefield 4’s multiplayer, discussing the coolest new features, as well as old ones that Dice has made even better. Battlefield as a series is known for its destructibility and Battlefield 4 is no exception to the rule. But it’s not just returning features coming into Battlefield 4, there’s also a plethora of new features, including more destructibility, more players, and more fun! As it is called in the game, Levolution- the ability to destroy anything and everything in the world-has been vastly improved and now you are able to alter the environment in more strategic ways than ever. Shooting down a steel catwalk and transforming it into a ramp for you and your squadron to climb a building is one of the many examples of Levolution, not to be outdone, however, by making an entire skyscraper collapse upon itself. Adding onto the new features, Dice has decided to increase the number of players per match from 24 players, to a staggering 64 per match on the PS4 and Xbox One (For PS3 and 360, the number stays at 24)! That is easily the largest amount of players that can be found in a game when you look at the top FPS games on the market. 60 frames per second is also debuting on the PS4 and Xbox One, so it will look more beautiful than ever! The best new feature to this game in my opinion is the change to who gets a kill in multiplayer. We’ve all been there: You shoot someone for what seems like an eternity, suddenly, a teammate kills him, and you’re stuck with the assist. Battlefield 4 has changed this so whoever deals more damage to the enemy gets the kill, instead of whoever gets the last shot.

Some changes to the game modes we already know and love start with the Hardcore mode reloading being magazine-based, instead of pull-based. This means that if you reload in Hardcore with 20 bullets still remaining in your magazine, you just lost those 20 bullets, which is more realistic and some players will adore this new functionality. Commander Mode is also making a comeback to the Battlefield series in Battlefield 4. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Commander, this mode puts you in the (you guessed it) commander’s shoes and lets you call in airstrikes and just help in general. This mode is added upon even more with the functionality of a second screen to control it. This way, you can call in missiles from your television or your toilet, depending on which you prefer. So far, we’ve seen Commander mode used in Conquest and Rush modes, with hopefully more on the way!

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Lastly for the preview, we’ll discuss the beta for the multiplayer and my impressions. The beta is out now for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC with two modes open; Conquest and Rush. I played Conquest on the map Siege of Sanghai, and in that span I got to destroy a tank, ride in a helicopter, and demolish a skyscraper. It feels very fluent in gameplay, and with things improved such as the infamous suppression hatred with Battlefield 3, and the new ability to lean out of a corner, it increases the immersion of the experience. Changing your weapon on your class felt easier and most every possible function in this game felt refined and streamlined. Although I only captured one base for the team, the match as a whole felt enjoyable and I will be playing more in the coming weeks before they close it for the last time before the game launches.

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Battlefield 4 is due release on the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on October 29, the PS4 in North America on November 12, the PS4 in Europe on November 29, the Xbox One on November 19, and the Xbox One November 22. It is shaping up to be an amazing gaming experience, with the graphics showing off the new consoles specs as well as pushing the limits on our current consoles. Somebody call Infinity Ward and tell them to watch their backs!


Keep your eyes on for all the Battlefield 4 updates as well as the full review!