Ever content to milk a dead one-trick dog-and-pony show until it bleeds out, Rovio is continuing to whore their pet money printer Angry Birds with a new kart racing game due on December 11th. Originally announced in August of 2013, a new gameplay trailer has surfaced for Angry Birds Go!

As much as some may wish Rovio would expand their admittedly genius knack for addictive gaming to other franchises, Angry Birds Go! does appear to do kart racing right. The requisite character spread, power-ups and on-track boosts are all in place, with a variety of courses to drive and plenty of ridiculous action. Nods to the series’ origins such as a slingshot starting line and other aesthetic touches abound in this new direction for the series, Visuals are rich and vibrant and the character selection covers the entire span of earlier Angry Birds titles, save for the Star Wars tie-in, though content from there will no doubt find its way into the game eventually.

Initial investment in Angry Birds Go!, as per its predecessors, is free and download-only. Additional characters and karts for the game will be available as Telepods toys manufactured by Hasbro. Already introduced for use in Angry Birds Star Wars II, Telepods works in a similar fashion to Skylanders or Disney Infinity,  using a base to transmit data from individual toys into the game. The toys themselves will no doubt come with playsets similar to those available for the current Angry Birds Telepods. How in-game content will be unlocked beyond the Telepods integration is as yet unannounced, but more announcements are reportedly on the way between now and the game’s launch.

As much fun as I may make of the steady stream of Angry Birds content, I’m a sucker for mascot racers regardless of my feelings about their source franchise and will probably give this one a shot. It seems well-constructed enough and it’s not as if it costs anything. The toy tie-in also seems like an excellent way to stay afloat in a holiday season already dominated by the release of two next-gen gaming systems, so kudos to Rovio’s foresight there.

Source: VG 24/7