The PlayStation 4 is a month away and UK residents have the opportunity to play the console before its release.

Retailer GAME has confirmed that it will be hosting Lock Ins sessions around the country, allowing people the opportunity to play the PlayStation 4 before its initial release. This also coincides with the Xbox One Lock Ins that are currently running. Both consoles will be available to play now before their release which could make your decision even easier on the next console that you buy.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Over 60 Game Stores will be participating across the UK, stretching from the 21st October – 17th November. To find out the participating stores and dates, head on over to the GAME’s website for the full details. You can also see the PlayStation 4 products and GAME’s Exclusive Editions whilst the event is running.

If you want to participate, make sure you register with your nearest store, by tweeting them or in person. This incentive is first-come, first-served basis with limited spaces. You must be over 16 to register and a valid form of I.D is required to enter.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 will launch on the 29th November and the Xbox One on the 22nd November.

Source: GAME 

Are you excited by the Lock Ins taking place? Are you buying an Xbox One or PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comment section below.


This looks like a brilliant chance to be one of the first to play on the PS4 in the UK. Thanks for giving the heads-up!


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