A bit of ingenuity and a PS3 dev kit combined to unleash a series of nude images of Ellen Page’s character from Beyond: Two Souls onto the Internet recently. The discovery of the uncensored version of a shower scene and its subsequent public distribution has lead Sony to a crackdown on images of Jodie Holmes in the buff.

Tweaks to the camera angles were all that was required to reveal just how much of Ms. Holmes had been rendered in the shower sequence by developer Quantic Dream. Despite claims by Sony PR that the images are not actually of Ellen Page’s body, the incident has been stated as “very damaging for Ellen Page” and efforts have begun to scrub as much evidence of the revealing imagery from the web as possible.

Yeah. Uh. Good luck with that.

No comment has been made by Ellen Page herself or any representation on her part regarding the incident, nor has Quantic Dream declared a stance or explained why the obscured sequence was completely rendered in the first place. Was a nude, digital Ellen Page really necessary to evoke the emotions so desperately sought by David Cage time and time again?

This incident is the latest in a string of game-related issues involving Ellen Page, following controversy over the resemblance of The Last Of Us character Ellie to Page’s own likeness. Developer Naughty Dog admitted the character initially did look like Ellen Page despite being based on the character’s voice actress, Ashley Johnson and was redesigned to reduce the resemblance.

No, you will not find digital Ellen Page nudes here. Stop asking.

Source: The Escapist