Don’t you love paid DLC? In the beginning you pay 50 to  60 bucks for a game and two months later they release a new piece of content at just $5-10, adding new content to the game. Well, if done right, there is not too much of an issue with DLC, take Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues for instance, which featured a whole new multi- hour story branch. On the other side stand the ever annoying multiplayer DLC packs, often times priced unfairly, that split the community across multiple different packs and add little in terms of real gameplay value. One of the few multiplayer games not to run with the paid DLC packs was DICE’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2…

March 2010, less than a month after DICE released its acclaimed multiplatform sequel to the PlayStation exclusive Battlefield: Bad Company, DICE senior producer Patrick Bach stepped forward and told the world that Battlefield DLC will always be free. Now to put these words in context, one of its free DLC packs for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 released on March 30th; the same day as the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus package hit the shelves of the Xbox Live market place.

“We don’t ever want to charge for our maps and insisted to EA that this attitude was crucial when it came to keeping our community happy and playing together,” Dice senior producer Patrick Bach to Xbox World 360 magazine.

Obviously this turned out to be straight up untrue, with all of the Battlefield 3 DLC being sold separately or available through the purchase of Battlefield 3 Premium, with Battlefield 4 following just the same business model. Looking back at it, one might say that this was most likely was a stunt to profit off of Activision’s DLC pack policy, but at the end of the day it stands in the room with the next $50 Battlefield Premium breathing down our necks. At the very least, one might consider this as an example of bad marketing, but in the end it’s the players who really lose.

Hat tit to CvG.


Youre forgetting the magic Activision, which EA/DICE was trying to cut with the whole free DLC move.