GTA V has been out for a month and we got together a couple of other people who finished Rockstar’s latest opus: GTA V. (Spoilers: GTA V will be talked about in-depth for the duration of this podcast.) In the meantime finish Grand Theft Auto V.

Despite having a lot of people in the office who have finished GTA V most of them didn’t want to do this as they had more important things to do. In the words of Matt, “That’s bullshit”). Matt who had finished the game during its release week is joined by Allan Muir who beat GTA V and was marveled at the ending, Adnan Riaz who beat GTA V but has yet to properly do GTA Online does his best to stay awake, and making his podcast debut for VGU, Josh Miller who doesn’t say much but when he does, it’s something important and vital.

You can find Matt’s GTA V review here.

Starring: Matt Mobley, Josh Miller, Adnan Riaz, and introducing Allan Muir as Allan Muir.