Now that we’re in the final stretch of big-name triple-A releases, which count many annual sequels such as Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin’s Creed IV, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Battlefield 4 among them, the question of whether or not such recognizable names really need new yearly entries is one that has been asked time and time again. Today, I’d like to see how you readers feel about it.

On the one hand, releasing annual entries of an established series proves that game developers are committed to not only giving gamers more of what they love but also to pushing themselves more and more to deliver gameplay experiences that aim to top the previous year’s entry. After all, if there’s one thing gamers love more than a single great game, it’s a whole series of great games that share the same license or fiction. Seeing how a particular game series evolves over the years is an interesting juxtaposition to how the industry as a whole has evolved and it’s always fun noting the new innovations and ideas each new entry brings to the table.

Franchise Fatigue 2

On the other hand, the term “franchise fatigue” is one that gets tossed around quite a bit, especially now with so many big-name developers working harder than ever to not only draw gamers in but to also keep them coming back year after year. When working on such a tight schedule, it is inevitable that the work will eventually start to suffer. Execution gets sloppy, ideas get rehashed, bugs and glitches start to slip through the cracks, and all it takes is one poorly received entry to severely damage the credibility of not only that game’s particular series but also the developer behind it.

So where do you stand loyal VGU readers? Do you enjoy looking forward to new annual entries of franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield, Bioshock, and Call of Duty among others? Or are you sick to death of seeing the same old games with a new coat of paint and some added nuts and bolts year after year? Is the yearly promise of an even newer, better game set within a familiar fiction an exciting prospect for you? Or would you rather developers focused more on original IP’s? Place your vote in the poll below and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments as well!

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