Earlier, at least if you were browsing Reddit, you were able to see a interesting display of compassion as a redditor dug up the tiny tiny charity stream of Emmerson Rankine, aka “Vicerye”. Rankine at this point had been streaming for eight hours for the extra life┬álive streaming charity event.

This is where it gets interersting: Within a few hours the link to his stream exploded and made it to the front page of Reddit, turning his small charity stream from a eight person party into a at the point of writing this 2,500 person spectacle. And that is not where it stops, Rankine’s initial fundraising goal was 100$, which, to say the least, has been blown tenfold and the counter is now steadily approaching 5000$.

Apparently Rankine does all this because his two year old cousin who got diagnosed with Leukemia a while back. So if you love Dark Souls and/or like to support charity, please visit his stream or chip a donation his way.

Emmerson’s ‘vicerye’ Rankine’s Twitch stream

Source: Reddit