Dead Rising 3 is set to release in a week and many people are excited.I am one of those excited people. After looking at as much of Dead Rising 3 as I did, I could do nothing but write down what’s new and what’s cool.

Dead Rising has a special place in my heart as it was my first 360 game and the one I played over and over again for months. I would continue to play this game on and off for the next year and a half as it was a sandbox zombie game. Something that hadn’t been done before and more importantly it did what so little zombie games did: it had a sense of humor. While its sister series Resident Evil was more influenced by the zombies of George A. Romero’s films “Night of the Living Dead,” “Dawn of the Dead,” ¬†and “Day of the Dead”; Dead Rising was more influenced by “Return of the Living Dead” and Peter Jackson’s “Dead Alive” film which looked at things in a comedic sense. Dead Rising was released in 2006 with a sequel following in 2010. After rumors of a potential third game leaked to the masses, Dead Rising 3 was officially announced as an Xbox One exclusive at E3 2013.

After countless rumors and speculations by fans, more information was revealed after its debut at E3. The game takes place ten years after the events at Fortune City in Dead Rising 2. Frank West and Chuck Greene are gone this time around so stepping in their place this time around is mechanic Nick Ramos; a citizen in Los Perdidos who must survive the zombie outbreak at any cost. The enhanced power of the Xbox One allows thousands of zombies to be seen on the screen and it looks as if you are in a sea of the dead. The artificial intelligence has also been enhanced which will force you to rethink strategies and plan things very carefully. Perhaps the one thing being touted about this game by Capcom are the loading times. The first two Dead Rising games were plagued with long loading times that weren’t kind in any way possible. According to Capcom that is all a thing of the past as there will be little to no loading times in the game. If this turns out to be true then there will be zombie killing all day every day.


When describing Dead Rising in terms of gameplay there is really only one way to explain it: everything that isn’t nailed down can be used in some way against the undead. There is a funny feeling after killing a zombie with a garbage then taking out 20+ zombies with the pistol that fell out of the garbage. Almost everything you need can be found in the trash cans and it’s both good and bad. You could find a block of wood or you can find some rotted fruit that will make you lose a bar of health.

In Dead Rising 2 you were actually allowed to combine items and create a new weapon that utilizes whatever is used. An example being the “light-sword,” which is the combination of jewelry and a flashlight and works like a lightsaber. The default combo weapon of course being the baseball bat mixed with a box of nails to create a more lethal bat. Perhaps the best combo weapon seen in Dead Rising 3 so far has to be the “Jazz Hands” which are sentry turrets made into the figure of a hand. In order to create these weapons you would have to locate a workbench and have all the materials on you. Things this time around are much bigger and badass. Not only can you do combos without the need of a workbench, but you can do combos of vehicles. One seen is an armored SUV that has blades that protrude from the side to dispatch any zombies that make the mistake of jumping at your car hoping to get you out of it and mounted machine guns to take out any living dead that could block your way. Another is the “Forkwork” which is a forklift combined with a firework truck that uses said fireworks to get you going and also as a projectile that can do some damage to the undead.


Another staple of the series that looks to be returning is the durability of items. In both games you were restricted to a certain amount of hits/bullets with your weaponry. This pertains to melee weapons, firearms, and vehicles. Just like State of Decay you can either use vehicles as a battering ram against the undead or avoid mass zombie hordes to keep your vehicle from getting 86′d.

Returning as well is co-op support if you and a buddy want to take down some zombies together. This is a character that exists in the universe as a CPU when in single-player and is a main story character so you won’t have two Nick clones running around the city. Like Dead Rising 2 everything from your game will carry over before and after co-op so it will be an easy way to rank up.

Like most 1st party Microsoft games, Dead Rising 3 will utilize the Kinect. Rather than using it as a casual way to play the game, Dead Rising 3 uses the Kinect in an interesting way that developers haven’t really done in the past. If you are evading a horde of zombies in-game and blasting some NIN or Taylor Swift on your PC, whatever sound the Kinect can detect will be able to attract zombies and make things much more difficult. Perhaps the best (in my opinion) feature is the interaction in boss fights aka “psychopaths.” All those hours of trolling you have done since Call of Duty 4 came out will actually come in handy for once. You can actually insult/mock/taunt the psychopaths and as a result they freak out giving you the edge on offense.


If there was one thing people hated about the Dead Rising games they were in fact not the psychopaths but the time limit that added pressure that was really not needed. For some reason it was brought back again in Dead Rising 2 and was still not any kind of fun. Now, that is a thing of the past if you want it to be. If you think you are up to the task you can play hardcore mode which gives you the settings of Dead Rising 1 and 2. By that I mean you must complete the game within the 3-day time limit.

After being shown off at E3 2013 many questioned if Dead Rising 3 would retain the series’ humor that singles it out when compared to Resident Evil. The videos released during PAX and GamesCom appear to dispel that notion but we won’t know for sure until Dead Rising 3 launches with the Xbox One.