The PlayStation 4 is about to be released in North America this Friday and we here at VGU couldn’t be more excited. The launch of a new PlayStation system has got us thinking about what we remember most from PlayStations past. Here are VGU’s PlayStation memories.

James Pungello 

Editor in Chief

My brothers and I love overnight gaming marathons and the PlayStation 3 offered lots of opportunities for games that could be marathoned. The first game we ever did an overnight for was Indigo Prophecy on the Xbox so when Quantic Dream came out with Heavy Rain, we knew we needed to do the same. To this day we still scream “Jason” to one another as an inside joke (referring to the opening of the game, if you didn’t know).

Heavy Rain

The Uncharted series also offered a ton of great gaming and playing through Uncharted 2, joking about the absurdities in the story, and half falling asleep while trying to complete it are some of my best memories. I didn’t play the PlayStation 3 as much as the Xbox 360 this generation (since the PlayStation was a “family” console and it wasn’t in my room) but the quality of the time spent with the machine was definitely there.

Josh Mobley

Site Administrator

It was 1998, and I was turning eight years old. I only asked for one things that year, a PlayStation. I’ll never forget opening the box, with all the games. I got Final Fantasy VII, Tomb Raider, and Jersey Devil. The PlayStation wasn’t the first console I ever got, but it’s the one I have the fondest memories of. I remember playing the demo disk over and over again, getting frustrated at Jersey Devil, beating Final Fantasy VII for the first time, and learning to believe with Parappa. Through the years I played games like Metal Gear, the Final Fantasy’s, and Crash Bandicoot and loved every minute. To this day the PSone has a very special place in my heart. No other console in history (except maybe the PS2) has given me such a feeling of gripping nostalgia and that’s why it’s my favorite PlayStation memory.

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