Since Microsoft released the original Xbox in 2001, gamers have been given a ton of great content and experiences through Xbox consoles. The Xbox 360 upped the game in 2005 and the Xbox One is set to do the same this Friday. With the launch of the Xbox One so close we here at VGU.TV have decided to look back on our Xbox memories.

James Pungello

Editor in Chief

I have had a lot of great memories with Microsoft’s Xbox consoles and not too many bad ones. I didn’t get my own Xbox 360 until 2008 and it never red ringed (luckily) so I don’t have that horror story to relay (my brother does, twice actually). Most of my Xbox memories are linked to specific games so I’ll share a few of those.

I am a huge Ghostbusters fan so when I found out that a new Ghostbusters game was coming to the Xbox 360 I was overcome with hype and anticipation. The day that it came out (June 16th, 2009) I went to Gamestop with my brother when they opened (after going to IHOP for breakfast, yum) and I played the game all day. I continued to play the game and wear it out over the next few months and the sound of the Ghostbusters’ theme music could be heard reverberating through my room day and night. It was probably my best gaming experience and it was on the Xbox 360.

Halo Combat Evolved

I also have great memories of playing Halo: Combat Evolved with my friends throughout high school. Halo (and later Halo 2) was the premiere multiplayer experience at the time. Everyone had a copy of the game and I spent many nights trying to get the rocket launcher in Hang em High or getting mercilessly sniped in Blood Gulch.

Both the Xbox and the Xbox 360 offered me hours and hours of great gameplay, fun multiplayer with friends, and awesome gaming experiences that I will always remember. I hope (and expect) that the Xbox One will do the same.

Nate Gamer


My first great experience with a Microsoft console happened on December 31st, 2001. It was my birthday and a friend had brought over an enormous black box with a tiny green gem set in its center. Holding the controller was like fondling an obese girlfriend; My hands couldn’t quite fit around it, but I still took a perverse satisfaction in finding a grip that would give my thumbs access to everything they needed to touch. Me and my tiny group of friends spent that night firing pistols at each other in Halo: Combat Evolved. After hours of bloodshed and well past midnight, my friends relinquished their controllers and began to doze off. At around 3AM, the only players to remain conscious were my brother and me. Since neither of us were yet sleepy, we took advantage of Halo’s two-player campaign mode. The night melted away as we were transported into a world brimming with menacing aliens and purple hoverbikes. The sun was rising as we chased our Warthogs to an evac point on the titular halo and ate the donuts my mom had saved for breakfast as the credits rolled. I don’t think I’ve had a better birthday since then.

Xbox Red Ring

Unfortunately, not all of my memories with the Xbox brand have been as stellar. I recall my fury on the first day of my sophomore year in college when I ran into the legendary red ring of death. I only had my 360 for a few months at that point, but since I bought it used I had no idea whether the warranty would still be good. After reading the serial number to a Microsoft service rep, I discovered that the warranty on my particular unit had indeed run its course. They offered to repair it for a fee, but the expense was too much for the poor college kid that I was. So I took to the internet filled with determination and discovered a bizarre remedy that had apparently worked for others caught in my same situation. Apparently wrapping the system in a towel and leaving it on for a day or so would cause the problematic parts to overheat and expand, thus reestablishing a connection between the CPU and GPU. The next day I awoke to a light haze and the disturbing smell of melting plastic. At first I figured my roommate had decided to use a soda bottle as a bong again, but soon realized the source of the haze was my towel-wrapped 360. After hastily unplugging it from the wall and releasing it from its terrycloth wrapping, I realized that one should never, ever trust the internet for any reason. Thankfully, I wound up getting a brand-spanking-new 360 over the holidays that year and never espied that dreaded crimson circle since.

Josh Miller

Staff Writer

I bought my Xbox 360 at the time Gears of War released. I was excited as it was my first step into the now last gen gaming systems. I went with a few buds of mine and, after purchasing it, went back to their place to set it up.

There, the fun of finding a Gamertag ensued.  Trying to find a Gamertag that wasn’t chosen was like reaching into a box of dirty needles hoping to pick out a clean one. Didn’t matter how carefully thought out it was, it was chosen.


So after going through various forum handles, my friends and I decided to just throw whatever we could hoping it would stick. Finally, we found something that worked. KILLurMOM.  Dumb and childish, but free to use. And with that, I had my first Gamertag.

Which became banned a year later because it was “offensive.”

Those are the Xbox memories that our staff recalled but what are yours? List your best or wosrt Xbox memories in the comments below!


aaahhhh where to begin halo series, tom clansy series, kotor ,jade empire,gt3,chronicle of Riddick as and amazing game for that time amazing graphic and awesome gameplay, very good memories and sleepiness night

Terrence Aybar
Terrence Aybar

I was done with game systems until my buddy invited me over to check out the Xbox and some game called "Halo", which I hadn't even bothered to read up on. It took me all of ten minutes of playing the game to decide to buy the system the very next day. The part that did it for me was that one bit near the very beginning, where you've already crash landed on the Halo ring and the shadow of that dropship passes over you as you're making your way across that narrow bridge.


All great titles, Halo and GRAW kept me up at night.


Halo on the original Xbox will always hold some nostalgia.