Most of the staff here at VGU have been playing video games since they were little kids and have experienced tons of different stories, worlds, characters, and more. But the amount of video games available makes it difficult to try them all. Here are some of the critically acclaimed game series that that we never got around to playing.

James Pungello

Editor in Chief

I have a laundry list of big name game titles that I have not played so I will focus on just the few that tend to bring the most rage to people when they hear I haven’t played them. I have never played a game in the Legend of Zelda series (gasp). This revelation tends to send other people I know into a frenzy and I’m sure for good reason (no way the Zelda games are actually horrible and everyone I know is wrong).

The first console I ever got as a kid (apart from my dad’s Atari) was a Sega Genesis so I never played the NES or SNES generation Nintendo games. I got a Nintendo 64 but Zelda never really appealed to me because it was too involved. I didn’t start enjoying RPGs until I was older. I plan on playing something in the series in the future but it’s not a huge priority right now.

God of War

Another critically acclaimed series that I have yet to play is the God of War series. I have less of an excuse for this one because my brother has all the games and they are readily accessible to me. I just never carved out the time to get involved in the games and other titles like Mass Effect and Fallout took most of my gaming time last gen.

Adnan Riaz


I have found, on several occasions that I have missed a critically acclaimed title or series in gaming. It is a horrible thing to know, especially when people around you praise the brilliance and excellence that the franchise is producing. It makes me want to retreat into the corner of my room out of shame. For me, this applies to the Mass Effect series.

Mass Effect

It is almost blasphemy to admit that I haven’t played Mass Effect;  I can expect that many amongst the VGU Staff are raising their eyebrows at my choice. Mass Effect is one of those series which I constantly hear about, but every time I want to pick-up one of the titles, something will always come in the way of it; knocking it even further down the priority list. Continuously hearing about complaints and disappointment towards the end of Mass Effect 3, this is a series that is well overdue for me.

Before I pick up my next-generation consoles, Mass Effect is one of the series that I must play. It would be a sin for me to not pick up such a critically acclaimed series. With the rumors on-going about a new Mass Effect entry on the horizon, it might be time for me to understand why so many people continue to sing praises about the franchise.

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