After months of painful waiting and anticipation the PlayStation 4 is finally here. But is the launch a success or does it fall behind the PlayStation 3 launch?

Perhaps the first thing you will notice about the console is ironically the PlayStation 4 controller which removes the start button and implements a touch pad, giving most of the start button’s responsibilities to the option button which replaces the select button as well. Also included is the share button which has a much larger role to play within the PlayStation 4 grand scheme of things.

As soon as you boot up the PlayStation 4 you are greeted by the PlayStation symbol you are used to if you own a vita, from there you are shown the greatness that has been waiting for you. Running on 8 GBs of RAM, the PlayStation 4 is a total and complete powerhouse. The system has streaming capabilities for Twitch, Ustream, and potentially other sites in the years to come. At the same time it launches with entertainment applications much like the Vita and PlayStation 3. You have Epix, Netflix, and Hulu Plus, but you’ve also got Sony’s Music Unlimited which you receive a 30 day free trial once buying the PlayStation 4. All that to the side, it is still missing one big application: YouTube. Sure, it’s not something you would cause riots over but it is still something that you would expect on a day one launch considering the Vita had it at launch. Even the PlayStation 3 supported YouTube when it was only accessible through the web browser. That is the case again but most of the time things don’t really work out as you can’t download flash. HBOGO has yet to appear on the PlayStation 4 as well despite being available for multiple years on PCs, iOS devices, or even the Xbox 360.


The system comes with the usual gear, (headset, power cord, HDMI cable, etc) and transferring your profile from PS3 to PS4 is extremely easy with the only possible problem being account screw-ups and network connectivity issues.

The PlayStation 4 UI is incredibly easy to navigate and use with everything you would want to do shown on the screen. Everything from playing games in your library to watching any of the countless millions of people streaming their playthroughs of whatever game they may be playing at that time. There’s only one obstacle and that is one that is universal: a stable internet connection. Whether it’s WiFi or wired, it’s a safe bet to stay connected as a PSN login is necessary for just about everything.


The PlayStation store itself looks absolutely the same as its PS3 counterpart and the PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 $10 game conversion is extremely simple and impossible to mess up. There’s really nothing else to be said as there aren’t any more noticeable modifications to the PlayStation Store.

The visuals on the games however, are absolutely stunning. Battlefield 4 looks completely phenomenal to the point where you actually think Michael K. Williams is doing a movie based on the cutscenes and in-game scenes that look extremely realistic. Even when playing a game with a different art style like Knack, you can see and appreciate the beauty of the game engine. When playing something like Killzone Shadow Fall you can really see the tech that goes into the PS4 itself and the games.

The platform’s streaming tech is top notch as well. While you can record gameplay, you are set to a small amount of time so you don’t clog up your hard drive with footage of you no-scoping people in Call of Duty: Ghosts. You can stream footage on Twitch/Ustream as well and can be visible to anyone on the PS4. The PS4 controller itself supports touch screen capabilities and is used most notably in Killzone with your OWL which is your all-in-one device that can be used as a shield, a zip line, cover fire, and other uses.

Battlefield 4 PS4

PlayStation Plus is back as well except it is required to play online multiplayer or online in general. But as with PlayStation Plus, it is worth it as you get free trials with PS Plus and Sony’s Music Unlimited program. You also get two free PlayStation Plus games in Contrast and Resogun so no matter what you have something to play off the bat and enjoy the PlayStation 4.

Currently the console only supports PS4 titles and nothing else from days gone by. In fact, nothing from your download history works unless it can be converted to the PS4 via the $10 promotion. As for Blu-Ray discs it is the same as the PlayStation 3. As for the video store you get a $10 credit that should buy you some episodes of Community or Walking Dead or heck even a talkie.



- Incredibly Sleek UI Design Makes Navigation Much Easier

- DualShock 4 Is a Huge Improvement Over Predecessor

- Tons of Apps At Your Fingertips

- PS Plus Day 1 Games Give An Edge



- Not the Best Launch Lineup In PlayStation History

- Lack of Youtube

- Streaming Isn’t 100%