This year has had quite a lot of new IPs. We took the biggest and best IPs and gave you the reader a part in the discussion of which IP is the best. Now let’s see the results, and the winner is…VGU’s Choice: The Last of Us

Last of Us

The Last of Us may be one of the best games and perhaps one of the greatest IPs we’ve seen this year. Set in 2033 and having things completely ruined had the opposite effect on the players, they loved it. The game was the majority leader in its category.

In a world where most of the human race is scattered and infected with an incurable infection, you are thrown into the post-apocalypse head on. What resulted was something beautiful even though there were times of panic and dire straits. Between the staff, when it came to best new IP, this one was easy to come to as there were very few exceptions.

The Last of Us released in June and received universal praise overnight and for good reason, it is a fantastic game.

VGU Reader Choice: The Last of Us

Yes, TLOU won with the readers as well. It absolutely demolished its competition of Tearaway, The Wolf Among Us, and Beyond: Two Souls. The Last of Us had a whopping 75% of the vote while The Wolf Among Us and Tearaway each had 11% and Beyond only having 4%.