It has been one hell of a year for sports games. With nearly every direction you look there is a sports game whether it’s WWE 2k14, NBA 2k14, or even FIFA 14. The staff voted on our choice for best sports game awards and so did the fans.┬áNow, without further adieu, here are the staff and reader picks for the awards that go to Best Sports Game.

VGU’s Choice: FIFA 14

FiFA 14

There is really nothing I can say about FIFA 14 that hasn’t been said by the people who’ve played it. Fortunately, the staffers love this game as much as Pokemon so it was dead set to win Best Sports Game Award. It literally left the other award nominees in the dust.

FIFA 14 had perhaps the best thing going for it: cosmetics. With the arrival of the next-generation consoles, the visuals were significantly improved and made all other features look great at the same time. This was done with EA’s new Ignite Engine which had people going crazy as a result. Not only that but it allowed you to transfer your data from current-gen to next-gen such as coins and points.

FIFA 14 was released around the world in September, October, and November for the next-generation systems. Upon release, it garnered near unanimous positive reviews and awards from outlets.

Reader Choice: FIFA 14

That’s right, the readers and the staff somehow aligned to both pick FIFA with the EA title getting nearly half the vote at 45%. WWE 2k14 followed with 27%, NBA 2k14 with 18%, NHL 14 with 9% and MLB 13 getting nil. That’s it for the Sports genre of the VGU Awards. Stay tuned for the next categories.