Slightly under a year ago, Unity announced a partnership with Sony to help developers using their engine to easily be able to support their current and upcoming consoles. This program is coming into fruition as yesterday, the Playstation Vita engine was announced as being available to the public.

This now allows Unity developers to develop for both the Playstation 3 and the Vita, along with a slew of other platforms including the PC.

Unity’s Vita engine will allow developers to make use of all traditional controls on the Playstation Vita as well as its motion sensors, dual cameras, and rear touchpad.

While PS4 support from Unity is not here yet, developers are seeing this as a stepping stone into the new generation of gaming from Sony.

Currently, the engine is only available to registered Vita developer who will be able to use Unity 4.3 and the PS Vita devkit to easily create games such as Zoink!’s newly releasedĀ Stick it to the Man, which was just released for the PS3 and Vita and developed with the Unity engine.

To become a licensed developer for PS Vita, you just have to visit theĀ Sony company registration site.

Hopefully this means a rise in Vita games in the future, as the Japan-based company has seen dismal sales in the handheld market of recent years.