2014 has just started and there are a lot of games due out this year for both next-gen and current-gen consoles. Some are continuations in franchises/licensed material and some are brand new IP’s. These are the five games I am looking forward to in 2014 in no particular order.

  1. MLB 14: The Show


This is very predictable considering how big of a baseball fan I am. MLB 14: The Show will be the first MLB title to fully take advantage of the PS4 and everything I read makes me more and more excited. MLB 13′s number of unique crowd models was a lowly 40-something, MLB 14 on the other hand has 1,000 unique crowd models.

On top of that, the improvements made to Road to the Show are pretty exciting, for the first time you will be able to transfer your ballplayer to the next game based on your save file. This is something that will make many people save a large amount of time as they don’t have to re-create their player time and time again. Even the screenshots released for the game have made people stop in their tracks due to the after pictures.

As someone who habitually chooses the Astros when in any kind of season/franchise mode I can only dream of what I will be able to do once The Show’s release date comes. With the current pictures of what has been improved with Fenway Park I can only guess what is happening with Minute Maid Park. Not only that but a real chance to try out Diamond Dynasty and see what all the fuss is about this mode. With the power of next-gen tech also comes the ability to have more “generic” stances and motions and the same for players who currently are active.

2. inFamous: Second Son


Second Son is going to perhaps be the game that reinvigorates PlayStation 4 sales. Aside from Killzone, it is the only Sony first-party game releasing in the first quarter of 2014 for the PlayStation 4 and it looks utterly amazing. I constantly find myself watching the Heart-Shaped Box trailer and that sets the vibe in my opinion for the entire game. The line said by Delsin Rowe “This fast healing stuff is gonna come in real handy” says a lot about what kind of game this is compared to inFamous 1 or 2. That alone could be it but the engine the game is running on that allows for destructible environments makes me straight up giddy. The performance of Troy Baker as  Delsin is one that stands out on its own and makes me wonder what kind of person he will be based on player control. The game does take place seven years after the inFamous 2 good ending so don’t expect to see any familiar faces.

What makes me real excited is that his power is that of a copycat and I’m sure the power progression will be similar to that of Mega Man as every boss or big event Delsin passes, he absorbs the powers of whatever he goes up against. The parkour elements are still here and make things much easier when it comes to controlling Delsin as some of the parkour-y elements will be done automatically which will make things simpler. Thankfully, the old aiming system has been thrown out of the window in favor of an on-screen reticule rather than having to hold down the L1 button to aim and use your powers. This game is one step into reality as well as you are in the area of Seattle and no longer fictional cities.

3. Watch_Dogs


This one is still a bit iffy for me as it could still go either way. This game was the shock ending of Ubisoft’s E3 press conference a few years back and it stunned everyone. The game places you in the shoes of a man who can hack almost anything and do almost anything he wants. Everything I’ve heard of this game makes me feel both excited and dumb at the same time. I question things about this game that make my colleagues think I’m an idiot for the things I say about this game.

This is an open world action game that can work both as a stealth game and an action game. You are permitted the use of firearms but the melee gameplay makes it look much, much cooler. For some reason I whenever I see Watch_Dogs and I instantly think of Person of Interest. The trailer from E3 2013 which showed more gameplay, made what was an interesting game look like a REALLY good looking game with some interesting mechanics. Plus the whole save T-Bone shows that Aiden is not some heartless cold bastard. This version of Chicago is run on a software that is full-on big brother watching you and it seems like karmic justice that they receive their troubles from you and your comrades. Despite being an open world action game Watch_Dogs will in fact have multiplayer functionality which means your friends can come into your game and make all sorts of crazy hijinks happen.

4. Dragon Age: Inquisition


Set up after the events of Dragon Age II, you play as a character either leading the inquisition, or opposing it. Returning to the fray of the ongoing events is the former companion of the Warden, Morrigan who disappeared at the end of the Witch Hunt DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. Her return is significant for many reasons that I can’t say due to sheer fanboyism and spoilers.

The real fight around this time are the Templars and the Mages which never really ended during the endgame of Dragon Age II. During the trailer seen at E3, even worse ends up coming through a mysterious portal. Seen in the trailer is former companion from Dragon Age II Varric. Who appears to be looking rather sad at that moment he’s featured in. There are also plot lines that have still been running since Dragon Age: Origins. There is also some good software this game is running on, it is running on DICE’s Frostbite 3 engine. May Andraste guide us.

5. The Order: 1886

The ORDER1886

The Order is Ready at Dawn’s first foray into PlayStation 4 games and non-portable games. They are best known for the God of War PSP titles. Luckily The Order is a new IP set in an alternate history where an order of knights keeps the world safe from half-human/half-animal hybrid monsters.

The game takes place in 1886 after centuries of fighting and the discoveries made during the war has changed human history. Martial law has been declared and  there are four main protagonists each with a given name, and an adopted name of one of the knights who fought originally in the war. The oldest, Sebastian Mallory aka Ser Percival, Grayson aka Sir Galahad, Isabeau D’Argyll aka Lady Igraine, and Marquis de Lafayette who is an apprentice and therefore does not carry a Knights name. Adding to the chaos is rebellion in the form of the lower classes rebelling against the higher classes whose loyalty you are sworn to.

Your weaponry will be based off the industrial revolution and inventors being far ahead of their time. New weapons include fragmentation grenades and proximity mines, weapons that shoot electricity, weapons that ignite clouds of molten metal on top of enemies, and more.

These five games are the ones I will be looking forward to for all of this year.