Full spoilers for “Blind Spot” below. 

Arrow’s second season has been moving along at a pretty decent pace but its newest entry (entitled “Blind Spot”) set a ton of events into motion and there wasn’t a dull moment to be had. From Laurel teaming up with the Arrow to Roy beating the snot out of a low life and nearly killing him, this episode had everything you could want from this show.

“Blind Spot” begins with Sebastian Blood (aka Brother Blood) visiting the insane asylum where his mother is being held. She reveals to him that she told Laurel everything and after forgiving her, he dons the mask and kills her by inducing a heart attack. Sebastian is now 2 for 2 on parent killings; what a guy.

This episode gave a good amount of screen time to Laurel and allowed for an incredibly interesting dynamic as she struggled to prove her suspicions about Sebastian but kept getting her own substance abuse problems thrown back in her face. This is a great mirror to the story of Sebastian’s mother and that is no doubt what the writers had in mind for this arc.

The episode also reconfirmed that Oliver has a “blind spot” for Laurel and is more willing to believe her than anyone else because of his feelings (though the ironic thing is she IS right). This is something that we’ve seen over and over again in this show but it was more poignant this time as it seems to make it an even tougher road for Oliver to consider the truth about Sebastian.

Brother Blood

Speaking of Sebastian, his plan to frame the crooked cop was pretty predictable but still a good plot device to drive a wedge between Laurel and basically everyone else who still believes Blood to be a force for good in the city.

Elsewhere, Roy decided to start his super powered romp through the city in an attempt to do what he always wanted to do but instead ended up nearly killing a guy and back slapping Sin across the ground so, yeah, not the result he was hoping for. It does seem that Roy is now going to be training with Oliver and we may finally get a proper sidekick for Arrow (no offense to Diggle and Felicity).

The flashbacks highlighted the relationship between Ivo and Sarah and we began to see Sarah move away from Ivo’s grasp and back towards Oliver. Who knows if that will stay the case but it does seem like she is through being under Ivo’s thumb. We also got a story about how Laurel may have stopped Oliver and Sarah from getting together so she could have him for herself all those years ago, it was an interesting little twist on the story that continued to thicken the plot a bit.

Probably the coolest part of the episode occurred at the very end as we got our first glimpse of Deathstroke as he mercilessly killed four of Blood’s men and made it very clear that if Blood messed up again, he would be next. Deathstroke is going to be a strong villain for the rest of this season at least and it will be a cool way for the show to really bring the Island story arc and the present day story arcs together.

Overall “Blind Spot” was a pretty fast paced and story-dense episode that set up several cool subplots, gave us some glimpses of what is to come, and further enriched the dynamics between the characters in this show. This is definitely not an episode to miss.