A report from Nikkei said that Nintendo was going to bring games to mobile platforms. Nintendo has announced that this is false information.

In a statement given to Engadget, Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata said that Nikkei’s information cited from Iwata was from old investor meetings and press conferences. “Nikkei’s article contains information previously stated by Mr Iwata during past press conferences, including statements which relate to Nintendo’s willingness to make use of smart devices to promote our products,” said the representative.

However, during such past announcements Mr Iwata has also stated that Nintendo’s intention is not to make Nintendo software available on smart devices and as such, we can confirm that there are no plans to offer minigames on smartphone devices.”

Back on the 17th, Iwata said that Nintendo would not be going third-party but was instead looking at how smart devices could be used to grow the video game player business. Iwata also said that expanding its business model was not as “simple as enabling Mario to move on a smartphone.”

Nintendo will post its financial information soon.