Carol Faris, better known as the original Star Sapphire, is coming to the DC comics MOBA, Infinite Crisis.

The Star Sapphires, like green lanterns, draw their power from their energy rings. Star Sapphire’s thrive on the power of love, and only those who have lost their true love can wield the power of a Star Sapphire. She is a mid-lane heavy character, with a combination of ranged an passive abilities. Her ultimate ability summons a powerful unit called, the predator, which has its own set of abilities and attacks. The predator can also be attacked to Star Sapphire to grant a speed boost, giving her lots of mobility.

The original Star Sapphire, Carol Ferris, will be available for purchase on February 26th, 2014. Infinite Crisis is a free-to-play DC comics MOBA title for the PC and can be downloaded directly from the official website.

Source(s): Infinite Crisis Official Website

Via: Massively