Blizzard has released screenshots for the revamped Draenei 3D model included in the upcoming expansion, Warlords of Draenor.

The Draenei, originally released during the first expansion Burning Crusade, is the sixth race we’ve seen re-created for the expansion. Previously Blizzard released a re-worked Draenei model on April fools day but clarified that it was indeed a joke. “After the April Fools’ joke we wanted to ensure you weren’t waiting too long to see where we’re at with her actual character model update,” writes Blizzard’s Chris Robinson “Keep in mind that she’s still in-progress, and doesn’t have any animation to pose her body or face.”

draenei model

Unfortunately Blizzard only revealed the female draenei, the state of the male’s revamp is currently unknown. Warlords of Draenor is the fifth expansion pack for the decade old MMO, World of Warcraft. Currently you can purchase the expansion ahead of its impending 2014 release and get a free level 90 character in the process.

Source(s): Blizzard’s Official WebsiteVia: Massively

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