If there is one thing that can be said about the first-person genre it’s that Doom is the father of the genre and Wolfenstein is the godfather of first-person shooters. Both titles were released in the early to mid ’90s by id Software and while very primitive at the time, Wolfenstein made a giant splash. Both in America and abroad.

The story to Wolfenstein is simple: you are in the boots of POW BJ Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein 3D) who is a prisoner in Castle Wolfenstein and is making his escape. Along the way you run into practically everyone you possibly could, leaving BJ with only one option: kill them. The formula of Wolfenstein games has changed over the years but the general gist is that you are fighting Nazis with espionage involved, this being a plot element of Wolfenstein 3D.
In the upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Order the plot is twisted by having the Nazis win the war after a critical allied mission fails. The year is 1960 and the Nazis rule the world (and the Moon) due to brute force and sheer bullying. BJ Blazkowicz was on the mission and ended up in a mental asylum and it is here that you awaken from your vegetation and get back your lucidity.

With the power of German scientists the Germans had a secret weapon and only fifteen years after the demise of the Allies the world has a new look to it. There are mechanical upgrades that are of utter brilliance. According to the many trailers that have been released, the Nazis have blown up Mount Rushmore, reached the moon (a plan the Nazis actually had during the war)and rigged the world Olympics by simply shooting the enemy instead of having penalty points. The Nazis have also accomplished things they had trouble with (Atomic Warfare, Space Travel). The one thing unknown is the status of Hitler during the game. In the original Wolfenstein 3D Hitler was the final boss of the game as mecha-Hitler.
The characters here are mostly a returning cast, Deathshead is back as the main villain of the game and BJ’s arch-nemesis, Caroline Becker is back as part of the resistance against the Nazis. There is choice as well in this game as you can have two alternate timelines where your buddies in the resistance were experimented upon by Deathshead and it is your choice who gets dissected by the villainous Deathshead. The two being Fergus Reid and Probst Wyatt III.
What is new however, is the arsenal of weaponry you will be using. The advanced weapon, hi-powered machine guns (which you can dual wield Halo 2 style), sniper rifles, and the old standby, pistols and knives that you can use to shoot up or stab unaware Nazis with. Another new feature is the elimination of regenerative health which should make the difficulty rise. The only way to get back your health is the same way it was in Doom 3. There are med packs available and you can push your health above 100 but eventually it will dip back to 100. As well as this are the multiple ways to play the game. You can play it tactically or, you can play like you did in Wolfenstein 3DReturn to Castle Wolfenstein, and Wolfenstein, crazy FPS mega-death shootouts.

With previous Wolfenstein games BJ has had multiple looks but this time he will look much more like he did in Wolfenstein 3D. His age has gone up as well during World War II he is 35 and in the ’60s he is nearly 50 so don’t expect him to do anything Bruce Willis won’t due to his advanced age. His hair is more blonde than the brown hair version of BJ Blazkowicz seen in 2009′s Wolfenstein reboot on the last-gen consoles.
New to the series is Anya Oliwa who is instrumental in getting BJ back up and running. In a scene that sounds right out of legend, Anya is shouting as she is being taken away by the Nazis as a catatonic BJ is slowly but surely waking up and takes the knife from his food tray and slices the throat of a Nazi that was killing the patients. It sounds incredibly badass to be frank. From here on out it’s Nazi killing time. To make things even better he says the classic “Nazi Scum” line. It’s a very Emperor Palpatine meets Duke Nukem line.

As seen in the “Exploring Wolfenstein” videos, there are multiple ways to take down a Nazi, a stealth way, or a mayhem way. The stealth way includes silenced pistols, throwing knives, and sniper rifles. The mayhem way includes assault rifles, sniper rifles, dual wieldable shotguns, and a gaitling gun. Like any good Nazi game there are a lot of gore effects. Especially when you are using the shotguns.

As for the soundtrack for Wolfenstein: The New Order, it has German versions of famous American songs during the ’60s.

Wolfenstein: The New Order releases on the 20th.