12 angry Fabletown-ers.

After everything you have gone through to get here, here you are. At the lair of the Crooked Man in a room filled with people who wish to see you dead. You have many options with the Crooked Man and it is not a good idea to get on his bad side. The combat mechanics come back into play in this episode of The Wolf Among Us as you are battling multiple enemies and trying to avoid death. I just want to say again that I love the combat in The Wolf Among Us more than its teased predecessor seen in the season finale of The Walking Dead.

This episode of The Wolf Among Us has a lot of deaths as it is the season finale and you get some closure on mysteries that have openly plagued you for much of the season such as who killed Faith and Lily and who was really behind their deaths. For most of this episode you are trying to do one thing and one thing only: get the Crooked Man back to Fabletown alive for trial. There are some really hard hitting moments in episode 5 of The Wolf Among Us. I won’t say what goes down in episode 5 but a female character reveals what she really wanted a location to be only to end up offing herself.

There was a nice sequence, however, when you are in a chase scene where you are running and jumping across pretty tall buildings while in pursuit of some baddies. The only problem is that you are exposing yourself as full blown big bad Wolf Bigby. This was cool but seemed illogical as any person driving on a bridge (which you run along as well) could’ve easily seen a wolf-man leaping onto the bridge.

After some pudding and pie you head down to another secret location and are put to the screws by your new arch-nemesis. It is here you find your Crooked Man and go back to Fabletown. It’s here that an interesting thing happens and you have the decisions you’ve made be a factor of the trial of the Crooked Man. It your job to make sure Crooked Man doesn’t talk his way out of the trial on a technicality. Ultimately it is your job as a judge to decide the fate of Crooked Man, you can do anything you want to him but like any Telltale game it is your choice.

Episode 5 of The Wolf Among Us is a great end to this season. Its ending also leaves a bit of a number in your head. Overall this season of The Wolf Among Us was great. Aside from technical mishaps, there is nothing wrong with Bigby Wolf and all his friends.