In Witcher 3 you will have four tiers of armor based upon the four Witcher schools.

The fine folks at VG247 asked CD Projekt Red if you will be able to cut of Geralt’s ponytail and got the following answer:

“It will be… we’re still considering it,” said producer art producer Stan Just, speaking at Gamescom last week. “For example, we heard a lot of things about the hairstyle. A lot of people asked us about the beard and whether it will be trimmable or not. It’s still to be decided, but we do hear the voices of the fans.”

However, you will be able to customize Geralt with new armor based on the four-tiered Witcher schools of Wolf, Cat, Griffin, and Viper. “What you should be looking forward to is to assemble special Witcher sets of armour,” said Just.

“They’re related to the Witcher schools, so the Wolf is not the only one. They come in four different levels, and you can only achieve the highest levels by crafting the previous ones.

“That will hopefully engage the players into getting into the quests that’ll enable them to gather all of the parts of the set, get the bonus stats and achieve the final stage of the armour. The final stages of those special armours are really, really impressive in terms of artistic style.”

“We are making, for example, Witcher armour, Witcher equipment, swords and different items,” said Just. “In terms of armour and swords, they’re multiplied in amount compared to The Witcher 2. There are several times more.”

Customization is a big factor in The Witcher 3. When asked if the potion brews would be easier to mix the following was the response:

“Yes and no. It’s still there, but I guess that it’s rather easier this time. It’s not that difficult to get what you want. Because of the amount of minor quests and the amount of random encounters, you will find yourself using more consumables than in the previous games. So you probably will learn faster how to use the potions and how to brew them.”

And it turns out yes, you can better customize the difficulty this time.

“You can be sure that the game and the difficulty settings will be scalable as much as possible,” said Just. “There won’t be a God mode in which you’re sure that you won’t die, but it will be easy enough in the easiest mode so that you will be able to enjoy the story itself, not being harassed by the monsters all the time.”

The Witcher 3 will be out in February for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.