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Modder Creates Holo Steam App for Android

XDA member conRawr is fed up with “the ugly interface that is currently in use” in Steam’s current Android app, so he modded it to create a a Holo version following the…..

1 min read

Unity Announces Playstation Vita Development

Slightly under a year ago, Unity announced a partnership with Sony to help developers using their engine to easily be able to support their current and upcoming consoles. This program…..

3 mins read

MLB 2K13 Review (Xbox 360)

MLB 2K13 is the only baseball video game available on the Xbox 360 this year, and developer Take Two Interactive seems to have taken advantage of that fact by being…..

5 mins read

March of the Eagles (PC) – Review

Imagine the year is 1805, and you are King Gustaf IV Adolf of Sweden. The Napoleonic Wars are happening, and the French are closing in on your Pomeranian lands. You…..