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VGU.TV is a gaming website that aims to provide amateur and aspiring video game journalists with an outlet to build their portfolio whether that be in writing, video editing, podcasting, marketing, and/orcommunity management. However, not just anyone can write for VGU.TV, we look for team players who have the drive to help themselves, take initiative on projects, and come up with unique and creative ideas for content. This is a volunteer position so there is no pay, however you can earn money through your adsense account for every piece of content you post. There are also perks. You’ll get:

Video Game Journalist

  • Press access to big media events
  • Review copies
  • Beta codes
  • A spiffy custom email account
  • The chance to write for a site with an established audience
  • More content in your profile on your quest to be come a video game journalist


Do I Need Previous Experience?

Not necessarily, if you haven’t written (or produced any other content) before we will still consider you. You may be asked to write some sample articles or produce sample video / audio content.

video game journalist


What Positions Are Available

Most of the available positions are in our Video Game Department, however we are attempting to build both a movies and comics team. If you are interested in helping create those please let us know in your application.

Gaming Team

News Writer
Game Critic
MMO Columnist
General Columnist

Media Editors

Video Editors
Live Streamers

Community & Marketing

Forum Administrators
Community Manager

Comic Team

Comic Team Editor-in-Chief
News Editor

Movie Team

Comic Team Editor-in-Chief
News Editor

video game journalist

Where do I Apply?

Send an e-mail to with the following form filled out. Please include examples of content that you have produced before. If you have not produced any content, please create some and attach it to the email so we can see your skill level.

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Facebook URL:
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Skype Username:
Favorite Game of All Time:
Links to Examples of Your Work:
Have You Ever Worked On a Blog or a Previous Outlet? If So List Them:
Why Do You Want To Work at VGU.TV?
What Do You Think You Can Bring To The Team?
Team(s) You Are Applying For (Game/Comic/Movie)?

If you have any other questions about your application or positions available, you can e-mail the fine folks below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Joshua Mobley (Site Administrator)

James Pungello (Editor in Chief)