10 mins read

Tomb Raider 2013 – My Experience

Tomb Raider 2013 My experience… Eleven PM at night. Shutting out the world, I enter my room after a long day at university. Shutting out the world and having consumed…..

6 mins read

Top 5 Games for the Rest of 2013

(This article takes into consideration those games that have release dates set for 2013; some may change or be delayed, but I picked the ones that should be in the…..

4 mins read

Metro 2033: A Recap

Dark Wings, Dark Words. With Metro: Last Light coming out soon, I figured I would give you guys a recap of what happened in the Metro system and up above in…..

5 mins read

Maybe It’s Time to Take a Step Back

I finished BioShock: Infinite in about ten hours a few days after I picked it up. The game was fantastic and engaged me with a rich story, fun action, and…..

12 mins read

2013 in Games: Year of the Corporate Snake

Certain practices in the gaming industry have been perennially questionable. Recent years have seen the introduction of annoyances such as increasingly intrusive digital rights management, online passes, and the revelation…..

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Square Enix, What Are You Doing!?

Square Enix is in the process of laying off lots of its employees, something that could have been avoided. When I was younger I was a huge fan of their…..